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  1. Song Sparrow

    Is this a young Song Sparrow? I'm pretty sure but need it confirmed Hillsboro Or
  2. Goldfinch

    Just need conformation. Still working on these guys Hillsboro Or 1. American Goldfinch 2. Lesser Goldfinch
  3. Goldfinch ?

    Not sure if this is a lesser goldfinch or not. thanks for any help Forest Grove Or.
  4. Just need a conformation of this bird. I am about 75% on Spotted Sandpiper Hillsboro Or. Thank you
  5. phalarope

  6. phalarope

    Which Phalarope is this. Could this be a Red-necked Phalarope? Newport Or.
  7. western wood pee wee ?

    Thank you
  8. Medford Or Is this a Western Wood pee wee? I'd love confromation
  9. Black Phoebe ?

    Thank you That's what I thought. They had their mouths were open.
  10. Bald Eagle ?

    your right i lightened it up and i see it now
  11. Black Phoebe ?

    From Grants Pass Or Are all of these Black Phoebes? Thanks,
  12. Bald Eagle ?

    My husband spotted this and asked if that was an eagle. Looked right for it but I said must be a young one with no white yet. I thought at first it was a Turkey Vulture but In the Bins I didn't see the white on the under wing. Could have missed it. We are in Grants Pass Or.
  13. need help with one hawk and one Gull

    Thanks, I'm going to look it up,
  14. need help with one hawk and one Gull

    Sorry I think I posted this Hawk before. Sorry. I still need to know about the gull.
  15. This gull photo was taken in Jan. in Beaverton Or Hawk was taken in Beaverton Or also in march