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  1. Bushtit or No

    Like I said, I feel dumb. Thanks
  2. Bushtit or No

    This was in Beaverton Or. This little bird was in with Bushtits. The white line above the eye stumped me. It couldn't be a Mountain Chickadee? Too out of range. Thanks for your help. I'm sure I'll feel really dumb when I find out what it is.
  3. Cinnamon Teal

    Thank you. I think the light was bad and I didn't see the green on the head at all. The bird was pretty far away.
  4. Cinnamon Teal

    Not sure on this one. Thought it could be a Cinnamon Teal but not sure now. The white rump is throwing me off. Forest Grove Or
  5. Eurasian wigeon confirm

  6. Bad photo but I think this is a Eurasian Wigeon. Any conformation? Forest Grove Or
  7. Cooper or Sharpie

    thanks He's been coming into my yard and taking my doves.
  8. Cooper or Sharpie

    Beaverton Or. I'm thinking Sharpie because of the shape of head and eyes close to beak. I'm not very good at this but please correct me if I'm wrong Glare is because I took picture from inside through a window
  9. confirm Coopers

    I'm thinking Cooper's Hawk Beaverton Or
  10. Pine Siskin ?

  11. Pine Siskin ?

    I think this is a Pine Siskin Beaverton Or.
  12. Mew Gull

    I'm not good with Gulls. Is this a Mew Gull? Beaverton Or.
  13. Lesser or American

  14. Lesser or American

    I just can't seem to get these down. I can't find my old post to review it. Are these all American Goldfinches? Beaverton Or.
  15. Coopers Hawk?

    thank you