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  1. Hello - here are a few from Thailand earlier this month. Down by the Pak Thale salt pans and a little further south at the Laem Phak Bia "sandspit" Thanks in advance for having a look. 1. The three on left and one of right. The right bird is likely a Sand Plover...not sure if Greater or Lesser 2. These three guys. I think the right bird is a Broad-billed Sandpiper. 3. 4.
  2. Hi folks - just a couple from the salt pans near Pak Thale, Thailand 9 Feb 2018. We were snapping photos and trying to keep notes but some just got away from us, ID-wise. Thanks in advance for having a look.
  3. Hi Birders - Going through some photos from two years ago during a cruise along the western Mexican shore. I have a couple photos to share and ask for help ID-ing. Two photos each of two different birds Thanks in advance for having a look. Moe
  4. Copy, Greenmagpie...thanks for helping clear it up. Moe
  5. Hi Birders - going through some photos from the weekend and I found this one. I tried matching the wing pattern to my National Geographic but couldn't make a match. Photo taken near Honolulu Airport. Any help is greatly appreciated...thanks in advance for having a look. Moe Bertrand
  6. Hi Birders - I snapped this photo from inside the terminal bldg at Singapore Airport 23 Nov 2016. It was soaring high overhead and this is the best photo I can manage from the several snaps I took of it. I've looked at a webpage of raptors expected in Singapore but I can't match this one to any of them... Anybody have a good idea for this bird? Thanks in advance for having a look. Moe Bertrand, Arizona
  7. Hi Birders - during a short layover at the Porta Delgada airport on San Miguel Island I was able to do some birding. I did an eBird checklist but I can't deduce which one this is based on my research. Any help is appreciated...thanks in advance for having a look Moe Bertrand Arizona
  8. AZ passerine 19 Nov 16

    Thanks! At least I can say I photo'd one of those today now. Appreciate it Moe
  9. Hi Birders - This appears to be a vireo of some sort but I'm not sure. I photo'd this bird today 19 November at Veteran's Oasis Park in Chandler, AZ Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance for having a look Moe Bertrand Arizona
  10. Ok - thanks. Moe Bertrand
  11. Hi Birders - Going through my photos finally and found this one. Any takers? Barrow, Alaska, 8 October 2016 I have an idea but i want to reserve comment. Thanks in advance Moe Bertrand
  12. Thanks - King Eider was my initial impression too based on my Sibley's. Moe Bertrand