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  1. Another Accipiter

    I agree with Coopers as well.
  2. Sharp-shinned? Red-shouldered??

    FWIW, I agree with male Coopers.
  3. raptors sparrows swifts & mammals

    It's also useful for differentiating buteo species....for example Red-shouldered hawk has 5 and broad-winged hawk has 4. I would like to challenge the Sharp-shinned hawk call on this one though. When a bird is seen from the side like this, it is always tempting to call it a SSH because the wings will look bent and scrunched up...but in reality any accipiter from this angle will probably look that way. I would lean toward Coopers Hawk here because the head looks proportionally large, and the what I can make out of the wings makes me think they are long (so it's not so much bent at the wrist like a sharpie would hold its wings, instead the wings are just long and not held completely straight in the glide and look more curved from the angle). A good amount of white at the tail tip might suggest coopers as well, but I don't believe that's a field mark that deserves too much attention (unless we are looking at juvenile accipiters in the fall when plumage is fresh). But I would not venture to say I am sure about this bird. Usually when we see birds like this, flight style can help!
  4. Hawk ID

    I agree with young red-shouldered hawk.
  5. Silhouette of raptor

    I was going to suggest RTH or RLH. But if someone can see the belly band and dark patagials well then that sounds good for Red-tailed hawk.
  6. hawk flying low ... and in to a bush full of birds

    Yes looks good for Coopers.
  7. Cooper's or Red-taiiled?

    Agree with Red-tailed hawk.
  8. Any guesses on this hawk (crow?)

    Yes absolutely a Golden Eagle. Congrats!
  9. Rails

    I think they're all Virginia Rails, but really not sure about 5....
  10. Hawk in Tree

    Third for juvenile Coopers Hawk.
  11. Golden Eagle

    Yes, agree with Bald Eagle.
  12. Hawk help please

    Yes, young Coopers Hawk.
  13. White-winged Scoter?

    Yes, scoter like bird with white patches in the wing should clinch it as far as I know.....
  14. Raptors N' Ducks

    1) I think so. 2) Yes, Common Merganser. 3) Yes, Bald Eagle (probably a second or third year). Too much scattered white on the wing and head and bill way too big for Golden. 4) Looks like a Peregrine with those pointed wings, mustache, and bulky build. 5) Dunno. I'd rather let someone else take this...I don't deal with that distinction b/c I only have birded in the east....
  15. Hawk/Falcon outside New Orleans, LA

    Here's a third for Peregrine.
  16. Prairie Falcon?

    Not bulky, short winged falcon with a large tail (kestrels have huge looking tails when they fan them) and we are seeing the upper side of the wing....dark on the outer portions and lighter toward the body. Prairie falcon would be much bulkier, tail would look smaller, and wings would be lighter and more uniform in color.
  17. Prairie Falcon?

    I agree. Wish the photo were higher resolution but looks good for kestrel. Size is difficult to judge in the field.
  18. Redtail?

    That's a young Coopers Hawk.
  19. Raptor ID

  20. Eye contact............

    Great horned owl- The death stare by Stephen Kovari, on Flickr
  21. virginia rail

    Agree it would be better in ID forum, but to answer your question, yes. Even around here, in NY, it wouldn't be all that much of a shocker to find a Virginia or Clapper Rail in the winter. Ebird data shows that winter sightings of Virginia Rail as far north as the New Hampshire coast are possible. North Carolina is certainly a more regular winter location, albeit I'm sure more of them move even further south. Questions like this are best answered with ebird range map data, though. Check it out if you haven't already..... http://ebird.org/ebird/map/ just enter your species name and you can filter the observations by year, time of year.....It's a really fun tool, and many birders submit observations to the point where it is pretty comprehensive!
  22. This Weak in Alabama

    They all look right to me....except it's 'yellow-rumped warbler'.
  23. This week in Alabama

    All are correct except 3 is a Red-shouldered Hawk and 5 is a Yellow-rumped Warbler.
  24. Hawk ID

    The short-tailed, top heavy look suggests Sharp-shinned but I wouldn't call this one without better photos, either.
  25. Cooper's or Sharp-Shinned

    Yes, confusing....but I see it (and do it) often enough that it is worth mentioning. Usually these lazy abbreviations are within a context that makes them more meaningful to most people....but still something to be aware of haha. SORA is a good one....no confusion!