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  1. Bewick's wren

    I agree. Carolina Wrens have white eyebrows too. Did you see its chest/underbelly? If it was tan, then it was probably a Carolina Wren.
  2. Is this a Fox Sparrow?

    Fox Sparrow confirmed. Pretty bird.
  3. RTHA or FEHA?

    It's definitely a buteo and it looks good for Red-tailed due to the belly band and white upper chest. Not all RTHAs have obvious red tails. In fact, there are many morphs that don't.
  4. I agree. This appears to be an adult Sharp-shinned Hawk.
  5. Warbler?

    That is actually a Golden-crowned Kinglet. It is not a warbler but can often be confused for one. Nice find!
  6. This flycatcher was seen in northeast Texas today. I am having trouble concluding whether it is an Eastern Wood-Pewee or an Olive-sided Flycatcher? I did not hear it vocalize and I only have one picture showing the "vest-like" appearance of the flycatcher which makes me think Olive-sided. However, Eastern Wood-Pewees can have a vest to some degree as well so I am stuck. Any suggestions? Olive-sided Flycatcher would be a rarity for the area. Flycatcher sp. by Evan Janson (ejay), on Flickr
  7. Wow. It's been a while. I miss Whatbird and y'all.
  8. Raptor ID Please

    I agree. The belly band is a good field mark
  9. yearlist 30!! going to some duck ponds at my grandparents house tonight also.
  10. I like this guy already!
  11. The arguing never stops. Tbh that's why I got tired of this thread.
  12. How's everybody doing? Wow...I have not been on for a while. I've still been birding, but my life has been so busy with school, two soccer practices a day, working, and social stuff. Just thought I'd say hi while I have a minute. Miss you guys! Oh btw, I'm pumped for fall migration!
  13. Are these Spotted Sandpipers?

    Yep, those a definitely spotted sandpipers.
  14. Guess what? Today is my birthday!!!!! I'm surprised that it hasn't been made a national holiday but whatever...
  15. That looks good for a Great Crested Flycatcher.
  16. Is this a House Wren?

    That's actually a Carolina Wren.
  17. Painted Bunting Painted Bunting by Evan Janson (ejay), on Flickr
  18. Pat's Bird Quiz

    Red-shouldered Hawk or Osprey?
  19. I saw this bird today in northeast Texas. It flew away very quickly, but I snapped a quick shot. Also, I noticed that the bird was a primarily red and black in color, about oriole size, and it had white underwings. Hopefully this can be IDed, but I totally understand that it may be impossible. Thanks for trying! Here is the photo:
  20. Evans Bird pics

  21. Can you i.d. this bird

    American Redstart seconded
  22. Just got back from CO. I may do a short photo/ ebird trip report because I didn't get to bird a whole lot but I still got 9 lifers and quite a few yearbirds!
  23. wren

    Those are all Bewick's Wrens. I don't know if this is the best way to do it, but I usually look at the chest/belly area and: if it is white or whitish color, it is a Bewick's, or if it is a tan color, it is a Carolina. This tends to work, at least for adult birds. I hope that this helps!