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  1. Fighting bluebirds! May the best man (bird) win - it's spring in bluebird land
  2. It's nesting time for the eagles
  3. I can't wait to get our bluebirds back. Lovely photo!
  4. You gotta ruffle all those feathers so they lay just right
  5. Crow or Raven

    This may not work! I'm at work without a lot of net access! I thought it was a juvi raven but it was suggested that maybe it was a crow. If it doesn't work I'll re-post a photo when I get home.
  6. Bird behavior

    That's a beautiful egret! We were watching an osprey pair when one of them flew off and made a sweeping turn to come back to the nest. All of a sudden it grabbed a branch off a tree mid flight with a loud snap and flew back to the nest. I was waiting for it to fly past me and missed the shot of it breaking the branch!
  7. Landscape and Scenery photographs!

    At one point in time this was someone's pride and joy!
  8. These guys look darker than the ones that we have up here. Ours are more gray/light brown. How many sub species do they have?
  9. I don't see green herons very often so it always surprises me how small they are
  10. Pacific West

    That time of year you can take a pelagic bird trip off the coast at West Port, WA or possibly a bird watching trip out to the Straits of Juan De Fuca. If you go out to Neah Bay and take a short hike to see Tatoosh Island there should be some bird viewing there also. It's incredibly remote and so beautiful you'll just stand there and stare at it.
  11. That's a beauty! We have a couple at Ridgefield but I haven't gotten this nice of a shot.
  12. LOL!

    At least it didn't hit me!
  13. Lunch

    I can't wait to get our ospreys back in the spring. This reminds me how much we miss them up here.