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  1. Seattle

    My camera broke!

    Just the black crowned night heron!! The one I REALLY wanted! It just had to do a flyby!!
  2. Seattle


    Do you ever look at something and say "what is that?" There's something in that tree. Here's the something So I must have made the right noise - because it turned into this:
  3. So we drive almost 800 miles to visit Bear River Migratory Refuge and Antelope Island in Utah! We're driving around Bear River when all of a sudden the mirror in my DSLR comes loose. After using language that wouldn't be appreciated here I started researching this. It looks like it can be repaired but I'm pretty clueless about camera repairs. Has anyone else had this happen?
  4. Seattle


    How about a wasp! Tastes just like chicken!
  5. You just can't count all the colors that are on a bird.
  6. Seattle

    Utah unknown!

    This was Antelope Island In Utah: http://utahbirdingspots.blogspot.com/2015/02/antelope-island-sp-garr-ranch.html
  7. Seattle

    Utah unknown!

    Thank you!
  8. Seattle

    Utah unknown!

    We visited Bear River and Antelope Island last week - I have a few that I'm not 100% certain of:
  9. Seattle

    Those "Almost" Good Shots!!

    Can you see my prairie falcon? It's dead center! Okay - well it looked like something from a distance - I know it's a freaking rock!!
  10. Seattle


    This is another good thread! This kite and red-tail didn't exactly see eye to eye. The redtail nest was about 100 yards away and this was where the kite was hunting. I guess you could say it was a conflict of interest! Sorry for the quality.
  11. I'm not going to win any prizes for these but this white tail kite was a lifer for me