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  1. In Flight

    _91A6520.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr
  2. Birds that have found their way inside

    Somewhere I have a horrible picture of a Carolina Wren on top of my parents Christmas Tree one year. I’ve had Eastern Phoebe get in the garage. And the American Goldfinch who was trapped inside the feeder a couple of weeks ago.
  3. Winter 2017-2018 Finch Forecast

    Looked today for Crossbills, and no dice. No Redpolls, and had 2 Pine Siskin on feeder for a few minutes one day, and nothing back since. May have to go to Jackson if I want the Crossbills.
  4. Myrtle Yellow-rumped Warbler in So Cal?

    Looks like it to me, unless there is some other reason for it to lack the yellow under the chin.
  5. "Cackling Goose" vs "Lesser Canada" Question 2

    The ID points I’ve read for parvipes call for a very thin, pointy bill with a Canvasback shaped sloping head to them.
  6. What kind of Hawk?

    Red-shouldered Hawk.
  7. Another abieticola from today. _91A6511.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr
  8. Raptor ID

    I’m thinking Red-shouldered Hawk. Can see some of the red coming through, secondaries are not barred and pale crescents on wingtips.
  9. What birds migrate South in January

    Nice capture. Never observed Gulls migrating like this just Swans and Geese.
  10. My intent was that you treat the camera as the card reader.
  11. Do you have the ability to plug the camera directly into the computer, and try to pull them that way?
  12. Dark Morph Red Tail?

    With that banded tail, and sitting impossibly far out on a small branch I say Rough-legged Hawk.
  13. What did you see today?

    Yesterday I located the first Golden Eagle recorded for the Kalamazoo CBC. Today a December Yellow-bellied Sapsucker for Barry CBC, but dipped on usually reliable Saw-whet Owls.
  14. abieticola (Northern) subspecies
  15. Confirm Eastern Wood-Pewee?

    They should be named Peweeeeeeeee as that last “e” is extended out. The “Phoebe” call is much shorter, so you could hear it is as a quick “Pewee”.