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  1. ID Help With Sparrow?

    No streaks on chest? West Sacramento, CA marsh. Thank you.
  2. Do Yellow Warblers have eye rings?

    1. Gis


      breeding males don't really but the rest do (not always easy to see though)

  3. Warbler ID Help Please

  4. Warbler ID Help Please

    California by river. Yolo County.
  5. Can You Help Identify These Migrants Please?

  6. Big flurry of migrants in about 45 minutes near a creek - Davis, California. 1-6
  7. Hawk ID Please

  8. Hawk ID Please

    Davis, California
  9. ID Migrating Bird

    Migrating through Yolo County, California. Creekside.
  10. Yolo County, CA ID Help Please

    Wetlands and adjoining trees.
  11. Bird ID - Migrating Songbird

  12. Bird ID - Migrating Songbird

    Yolo County creek.
  13. Hooded Or Bullocks Oriole?

    Thank you!
  14. Hooded Or Bullocks Oriole?

    Northern California river near Davis.
  15. Migrating Gulls?

    Thanks very much!