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  1. Help With ID Of This Gull Please

    2nd or 3rd year Herring Gull, thank you. Gull age is so tough for me.
  2. Sutter County, California
  3. Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk?

    What age Red-Tailed Hawk is this please. It had a very red tail. Central Valley, California
  4. Coopers Hawk? Age? Thanks!

    Thanks very helpful!
  5. Coopers Hawk? Age? Thanks!

    North Central Valley California
  6. Coopers Hawk? Age? Thanks!

    North Central Valley California
  7. Purple Finch?

    Purple Finch?
  8. Purple Finch?

    Napa County Lake
  9. Purple Finch?

    Napa County
  10. Juvenile Red-Tail Hawk?

  11. Juvenile Red-Tail Hawk?

    Woodland California in Central Valley.
  12. ID Help Please

  13. ID Help Please

    Near Willows California in Central Valley.
  14. ID Help With Sparrow?

    No streaks on chest? West Sacramento, CA marsh. Thank you.