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  1. bkushner

    Purple or House Finch

  2. If this is a house it has more color then any of the others in my yard...so not sure. Shot in NJ...thnaks.
  3. bkushner

    Clapper Rail

  4. bkushner

    Clapper Rail

    Saw this bird sitting on the road at a refuge in NJ yesterday. Never saw one in the winter. My first inclination is Clapper Rail but then I'm not sure..Thanks for looking.
  5. My best guess is this is a juvenile Black-crowned trying to intimidate a juvenile Yellow-crowned? Shot in NJ where both species breed in the same location. Thanks
  6. bkushner

    ID Please

  7. bkushner

    ID Please

    This is only shot..thanks
  8. bkushner

    ID Please

    Shot in Delaware...thanks
  9. bkushner

    ID Please

    Not sure what kind of Gull this is...shot in NJ..thanks
  10. bkushner

    ID Please

    Photographed in New Jersey. Thanks
  11. bkushner

    ID Please

  12. bkushner

    ID Please

    Is this also a Sanderling???
  13. bkushner

    ID Please

    Thanks as always to you and this group. I have so much trouble with the peeps.