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  1. What kind of Owl is this?

    Really looks like an Accipiter to me. I don't see Buteo here.
  2. Sparrow ID Please

    This is actually a Swamp Sparrow.
  3. Song or Lincoln Sparrow

    One big thing for me on Lincoln's vs. Song is the head stripes are a different color than the breast streaks on a Lincoln's. Lincoln's head stripes are quite reddish brown (with tiny black stippling inside), while the breast streaks are blackish. On a Song, though Song Sparrow coloration is quite variable, whatever color the head stripes are, the breast streaking will be very close to the same.
  4. Sparrows revisited

    I feel fine about this bird being a Brewer's. I'm just not quite seeing the markings to call it a Clay-colored.
  5. Sparrow help again.

    Agree with all three, including Brewer's.
  6. And yet, more sparrows

    #1 is Song, #2 is Swamp (though with the back and wing pattern on this particular bird, I definitely see why White-throated was in the running), and I believe #3 is Song.
  7. 3 More Sparrow Ids

  8. sparrow?

    It is Swamp Sparrow.
  9. Help Identifying a Bird

    I don't think lighting artifact can account for such a vividly red tail when the rest of the bird's coloration looks to be typical BCH colors. Something fishy about this bird.
  10. Juvie Song Sparrow?

    You've got it.
  11. Another warbler help thread

    I believe the dark undertail would make this a Wilson's.
  12. American Bittern or Green Heron?

    I was quite convinced of bittern at first glance, but the more I looked at it, the less sure I got. If you have any other pictures whatsoever, there's a chance it could help. As it stands, I am squarely in the middle on this one.
  13. Three Random

    I also agree with Loggerhead, plus Orchard Oriole and BHC for the other two.
  14. Sparrow help please??

    Agree with both being Vesper.
  15. All correct, including that the last one is a House Sparrow, and you did a very good job with them! Lincoln's Sparrow, in particular, is one that I find gets quite over-identified, if you know what I mean. I see lots of Song Sparrows ID'd as Lincoln's. This photo shows well the distinct band of fine black streaks on a buff background across the breast, as well as the bright rusty crown stripes with thin black stripes within.