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  1. Really looks like an Accipiter to me. I don't see Buteo here.
  2. This is actually a Swamp Sparrow.
  3. One big thing for me on Lincoln's vs. Song is the head stripes are a different color than the breast streaks on a Lincoln's. Lincoln's head stripes are quite reddish brown (with tiny black stippling inside), while the breast streaks are blackish. On a Song, though Song Sparrow coloration is quite variable, whatever color the head stripes are, the breast streaking will be very close to the same.
  4. I feel fine about this bird being a Brewer's. I'm just not quite seeing the markings to call it a Clay-colored.
  5. Agree with all three, including Brewer's.
  6. #1 is Song, #2 is Swamp (though with the back and wing pattern on this particular bird, I definitely see why White-throated was in the running), and I believe #3 is Song.
  7. Thirded.
  8. It is Swamp Sparrow.
  9. I don't think lighting artifact can account for such a vividly red tail when the rest of the bird's coloration looks to be typical BCH colors. Something fishy about this bird.
  10. You've got it.
  11. I believe the dark undertail would make this a Wilson's.
  12. I was quite convinced of bittern at first glance, but the more I looked at it, the less sure I got. If you have any other pictures whatsoever, there's a chance it could help. As it stands, I am squarely in the middle on this one.
  13. I also agree with Loggerhead, plus Orchard Oriole and BHC for the other two.
  14. Agree with both being Vesper.
  15. All correct, including that the last one is a House Sparrow, and you did a very good job with them! Lincoln's Sparrow, in particular, is one that I find gets quite over-identified, if you know what I mean. I see lots of Song Sparrows ID'd as Lincoln's. This photo shows well the distinct band of fine black streaks on a buff background across the breast, as well as the bright rusty crown stripes with thin black stripes within.