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  1. I'm no Indian bird expert, but I'm pretty sure at least the larger silhouettes are Black Kites. The close up shot definitely shows a Black Kite shape.
  2. This actually strikes me more as one of the saltcedars (introduced, invasive in parts of the southwest).
  3. Looks like a bunch of Greaters.
  4. Nice! Looks like you managed to get quite close to that eagle! Surprised Woodhouse's Scrub-Jays aren't more common up in your area though. I had a pleasant morning myself picking up trash at my local patch. The Winter Wren that I found in January was singing frequently!
  5. I've heard them singing in those months as well.
  6. JOOOOOSH! Just spotted your checklists in my county. :D

    1. Joshua1vs89


      Hey David!  Just got settled into my family's new home and am going to finish uploading eBird checklists!  I really liked the CO Springs area.  We'll have to work some birding trips out sooner than later.  Take care!

  7. Yes, classic raven shape there. Is this in Manitoba? It's always good to add the date and location when looking for an assist in ID.
  8. You've never been out in colder than that in Idaho? I've experienced under 0 in Fahrenheit many times, and my record is at least 22 below.
  9. Scott's Oriole there. Beautiful shot!
  10. They all look like Leasts with the thin, smooth eye-rings and short primary projections. Willow Flycatchers' bills usually appear larger to me, and New York is out of range for Dusky.
  11. I don't think a confident ID can be given with just this photo. One thing's for certain though; it's not a hermit crab. They don't have this spread out shape, and I can almost guarantee you will not find one outside the shell of a gastropod.
  12. Welcome to Whatbird nanaku7! I would suggest this is one of the breast feathers of a Northern Flicker, which is a type of woodpecker.
  13. Ash-throated Flycatcher.
  14. Killing sharks for just the fin is ridiculous, but some cultures do use the majority of the meat.
  15. If you're into Odes.