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  1. flycatchers in Colorado

    NJ birder is on the right track. The first bird is a definite Cordilleran - long bill with pink/orange lower mandible rules out Hammond's. Crested appearance, teardrop shaped eye-ring, longish tail and greenish hue (even in this slightly odd lighting) also support the ID. As for the second bird, the faint wing bars indicate a young bird, and the very round head and medium primary projection indicate Dusky/Gray. It definitely strikes me more as a Dusky though, although I'm still not sure I would add an ID with just this angle.
  2. Hummers

    I'm fairly confident the first bird is a hatch-year female Rufous, but it might help to see a side or back view to completely rule out Broad-tailed. Agree that the others are definite Calliopes (adult female).
  3. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    It's been a while since I've updated here, but I've had a bunch of exciting stuff going on lately -- got to meet Saw-Whet09 (who is an excellent birder) and get him a few lifers around Colorado Springs, and in a few days I will be going on a few outings with some other YBs. Here's a recent list of mine: http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S38625465 Also, there are currently SEVEN LITTLE GULLS at a single location in my state. What. is. the. world. coming. to.
  4. A Collection of Coloradan Blues

    1. Yes. 2. Actually the identical Lupine Blue, separated only by range or dissection. Acmon Blue is the one limited to the pacific coast states and Nevada, although the Kaufman guide has the ranges of the two mixed up. 3. I want to say Greenish Blue. 4. Arctic Blue.
  5. European Serin (a finch).
  6. Is the black point sticking left and downwards the bill? I am confused on what posture this bird is making in both pics, but my best guess is Marsh Tit or Willow Tit (very hard to distinguish except by voice).
  7. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Now we've got "reactions" similar to Facebook
  8. Terns n' Gulls

    1. There are no Herring Gulls here, only Laughing Gulls and two Ring-billed. 2. There are no Caspian Terns in these photos, and probably no Common either. All I can confirm are Royal and Forster's Terns.
  9. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Thanks, and that's awesome! Maybe if you swing by Colorado Springs or El Paso county we could meet. And no, the plover spots were a bit out of the way so I didn't try even though I missed them at their usual spot in my county this year.
  10. 1st year Black-headed Gulls.
  11. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Oh man, sorry bruh! At least you got that Uppie, didn't you? That's a nice bird, would-be lifer for me.
  12. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    I started off yesterday birding and lepping in far northern Colorado with Joshua Smith and Austin Hess, two awesome young birders and naturalists. The later half of my day was spent at Pawnee National Grasslands (my first visit since it's almost 3 hours from me), and a day before the CC 1 gang birds the area (I believe they're there right now). Both longspurs were yearbirds, but I especially enjoyed getting Common Nighthawk shots: Common Nighthawk resting by David Tonnessen, on Flickr More photos; http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S38198806 In total I drove around 400 miles, and ended up feeling quite accomplished.
  13. Flycatcher in the Arkansas Rye

    For sure.
  14. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    California Tortoiseshells are less expected in that area than they are closer to the coast (but still technically in range).
  15. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    I love lepping at this time of year!