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  1. Unkown warbler?

    Another thought I had was an American Pipit.
  2. Unkown warbler?

    Saw this bird yesterday in San Luis Obispo, CA and have not been able to i.d. it. The best I could come up with was a Palm Warbler.
  3. Loggerhead Shrike?

    I never saw one that wasn't already splattered on something, so I couldn't tell you.
  4. Savannah Sparrow?

    Can someone I.D. this sparrow. I think it might be a Savannah Sparrow. I saw it this a.m. on my property just outside the city of San Luis Obispo, Ca.
  5. Loggerhead Shrike?

    Can someone confirm this Loggerhead Shrike seen in San Luis Obispo, CA today, thanks.
  6. 2 more colorado birds for ID

    Looks like a lesser goldfinch
  7. Another Orange-crowned Warbler?

    What's the tell, is it the unbroken eye ring?
  8. https://www.flickr.com/photos/109626899@N08/37574326061/in/dateposted-public/ Am I seeing another Orange-crowned warbler?
  9. RTH and a Tanager?

    Need help confirming these two birds seen Tuesday in Pismo Beach, CA Red-tailed Hawk Western Tanager
  10. removing attachments

    I can't post anymore pics. How do I remove older attachments so I can continue posting new pics.
  11. Unkown warbler

    I saw this bird in Pismo Beach campground two days ago. I don't know warblers very well at all.
  12. Warbler

    I saw this Warbler this morning at Meadow Park in San Luis Obispo, CA. It looked like a Townsends, but the face was white instead of yellow. In the bins, I didn't see any yellow on this bird at all. But, in the photos I took, there appeared to be some yellow in the bellow and flanks. My guess is its a Black-throated Grey Warbler, but I don't see the smudge on the side of the breast shown in the Sibley guide.
  13. Marsh birds

    I was visiting Little Glen Lake in Leelanau County Michigan last week and need verifying some birds there. The first two pics show a Green Heron, then two pics of a Willet I think, with an an American Black Duck in between. The second duck I have no idea, maybe a Gadwall? Then I think I have two Lesser Yellowlegs and a Semipalmated Sandpiper, he was much smaller than the Yellowlegs. https://goo.gl/photos/2wP57VLjk5cfpdXT6
  14. Vireo?

    Here's the first pic again. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/ZE_KalplnKvNU_UkinqwAfAuiH5o_kSzMhKkBw7OWsRaYNu3QzHyA0sS3BMw4E_6sibvu0upnYb-J3oe4bJl8amrKUs9yAQXiJHLd_IOcKKgKtpDH3MJjNBHIdis1hJuGMfwoobk4FHJg1cUylqtxLAnuggVtlB0vL-NJH4SoOgzaEB04XDUpU2vBMig-bM1Gn3vE8A-df2hlI_BKbKciSKsMpN9s-Ok8-XTOWTcbM-UUwbVrAm9XEJJh2yu2aRhXP4VtGL-6rxkQj-ZqiOkOhFH9X1jqaiIa08FTgvvuwG3vvjA4qJETUvcpQ5NUI2Bf3nHgaoYEGkW_-fKVPQBpURbaM807RCGRF9YNrMiMaBeRtwzGG18_H7PY54_MkNQxw6ITuDkBjMv2Mk95gZIJYFEr0cYRAQ6do6d30Q53zdHpZemNmqYmn3QtVYPKTDDJSWXhbKTqiSQQvJP23L5uxqK93_JgTvjlR0aHOVD753hLiaWytscy8SHLOSAY825XomMyWksqUAZhK5tqChOOvp5CGx8-wJOuWDD8dmcZlpu7SlWKXqVo2L-i7bjLPItIFxB9I0SPIZdRZ9_Tg_CNA42WNVj3uVQ8klNLJr7BdA90GLA=w920-h690-no or this link https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/xjG6oQ5q4Ubp7-NW-V5n4aOwr3Jtby_FPFREuTyWnZroUBtXAUM1mNTMd00670-h3wRMqOeY0Use7w=w1280-h1024-rw-no I may have made an error posting the second pic. It was in the sequence on my camera, but may have been a different bird. Here's another pic that is definitely the first bird. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/yyUDNoY_Ue3wmj79Li46twfRVaM51yhRyL0bO7q6Lcge29gvV943m6SQ6cijbvv1APWApM7YnEq0drEdAfSmW52_xqNcjlFeEVdvz4CdwxG7BilYp0EwuF0LSeRvZra8kHVv0yD0lWootyoHwVOgktYLvZrCmAjSiXI7kJDsJaJEh2VYT2UwkwQ2tAG_gggwiItx0_I_ocgRJ3GpuCs1Gs3dlj1KCfoKY_jUkN6bIjOeEaSuPLHfPGZBJzfksFDkqdEVXUC9EGTJGKM4qERLhhiWq4viH0AlJhsrDGZYKDMcusG7MKJ5LzAXAikdiGp6K23C3Gfkm9sTkZWdRefwjSoULRj-KM0UOiAekzo1UYe64N8EiLaFk3_1spS-HRehNRXWyZk0UESKouzUNDPslUDmQcFiNdj-o9R7DuiaLQrmwYYipSvAhGBtF3mFyRqkI-bM_x7VlJlCtncHKQH4gJTf7OuMyBg1Brm-J0meGf-f1JMFdhrIi9rwCD5fPsIrQu1bfhPA6VXwPnMQpqk_rT3VfLKU5kjsFLwwhHmW16Wi5RGZm8VOh4KTG2081aZJMOrQTUTQghq4A0OqcBrCqpOlIZWMz39apmNJu2QyjPn8mqJN=w920-h690-no or this link https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-FeoPn9MJz7Ksi71wGiGeSsZ2VK4Me_fPGtSb67zQR2D10NUiOpepg40QPLqjxI5pVGyPw-tgC0urw=w1280-h1024-rw-no
  15. Nuthatch?

    I think this is a Nuthatch. I saw it in Carmel Ca back in Feb. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/2lfuoArZjphweg6T5gEyD8l2SPYQaHB8Iw4SVDcI-rtAQXPMj81vlyNLnBzM6buC_zq0MQX5GInoMw=w1280-h1024-rw-no Trying to use Picasa, hope it works.