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  1. Goldfinch I.D.

    #3 looks like it has a lighter bill, but 1 and 2 look to have the same markings on the wings to me.
  2. Goldfinch I.D.

    What's the tell on the Americans?
  3. Tropical Kingbird?

    There were reports of a Tropical Kingbird in this Pismo Beach campground and I wanted to make sure I wasn't mistaking this bird. I think it is a Cassin's Kingbird. Can someone confirm?
  4. Goldfinch I.D.

    Having trouble IDing these Goldfinches. I believe they are Lesser Goldfinches.
  5. Some Loons

    I saw these Loons in the Port San Luis Harbor last week. I believe the first few are Red-throated and the last is a Common Loon. I also saw these Gulls in the nearby creek lagoon. The small bill makes me think Mew Gulls.
  6. Cooper's or Sharp-shinned Hawk?

    I just updated my post. I'm rusty.
  7. I still can't tell a Cooper's from a Sharp-shinned. I think this middle pic is a Cooper's Hawk due to the longer tail. There were two birds flying around at the same time. One had just made a kill and I interrupted his/her feast.
  8. Hermit or Swainson's Thrush?

    Was it the gray flanks that made the i.d.?
  9. Two raptors

    I saw these two raptors along with two other Red-tailed Hawks and a White-tailed Kite soaring over my property in rural San Luis Obispo, CA. The first, I believe, is either a white morph Red-tailed Hawk or a Ferruginous Hawk. The darker, larger bird, I think, might be an eagle.
  10. Saw this Thrush today and assume it is a Hermit Thrush.
  11. A warbler and a couple sparrows

    Is the Fox Sparrow of thr Sooty variety? Anyone.
  12. Having trouble distinguishing between a Ruby-crowned Kinglet and a vireo. The first pics I believe are a Kinglet. The next pics I believe are a Golden-crowned Sparrow and lastly a Fox Sparrow. Just now sure about the Gold-crowned and want to confirm the Fox as a Sooty. Sooty Fox Sparrow?
  13. Unkown warbler?

    Another thought I had was an American Pipit.
  14. Unkown warbler?

    Saw this bird yesterday in San Luis Obispo, CA and have not been able to i.d. it. The best I could come up with was a Palm Warbler.
  15. Loggerhead Shrike?

    I never saw one that wasn't already splattered on something, so I couldn't tell you.