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  1. A couple for confirmation.

    Thanks, #2 has been confirmed as a yellowthroat. Still think #1 is a Pine.
  2. Hawk

    Thanks, I was thinking short-tailed also.
  3. Oriole Confirmation

    Thanks, sending her your way.,
  4. Today in Miami. Dont find any others that fit.
  5. Oriole Confirmation

    Baltimore Oriole female? Today in Miami.
  6. Hawk

    Not sure if this hawk can be identified from this picture. Taken today in Miami.
  7. Today in Big Cypress, think the first is a young pine warbler and the second a female common yellowthroat. Yellowthroat is kinda throwing me off with the dark color.
  8. Unknown Warbler

    Not sure about this one, only pic I was able to get. Today in Miami.
  9. Thinking Nothern, cause of the narrow eyebrow, and kinda see a yellow wash to the underparts in the crappy pics. Today in Miami, FL.
  10. A few peeps

    Think the last one is a Willet?
  11. A few peeps

    Need help with a few peeps. All taken today in Miami, FL. Semipalmated? No clue on these guys. Not sure about this one with the Avocets either.
  12. Please help with warbler

    Thanks, that would explain it.