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  1. A few peeps

    Think the last one is a Willet?
  2. A few peeps

    Need help with a few peeps. All taken today in Miami, FL. Semipalmated? No clue on these guys. Not sure about this one with the Avocets either.
  3. Please help with warbler

    Thanks, that would explain it.
  4. This morning in Miami,FL. No clue as to what it is.
  5. Swallow

  6. Swallow

    Hanging out with some barn swallows yesterday in the everglades. This one stood out.
  7. Flycatcher Help

  8. Flycatcher Help

    Saw this little guy in the everglades today, is it an eastern phoebe or something else?
  9. Tern confirmation

  10. Tern confirmation

    Please confirm these as black terns, today in Marco Island, FL.
  11. Florida Hawk

    Think red-shouldered.
  12. Whatblackbird

    Agree with all brown headed cowbirds
  13. Swallows and a peep

    Would these be barn swallows? Is the dark one a purple martin? Today in Miami, FL. Is this a solitary sandpiper? Also today in Miami.
  14. Swallows