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  1. This past Wednesday (11-22-2017), I was sitting on my back porch (in East Central Alabama) and saw a flock of birds land and start walking towards my feeders. I took a better look with my binoculars and realized it was an entire flock of Rusty Blackbirds! There were at least 25-30 of them and not a black one in the bunch. Yes, they were ALL Rusty Blackbirds! I have only seen one Rusty Blackbird in my life a few years ago, so this was thrilling to say the least. And of course, I didn't have my camera with me. I keep hoping they will come back. Is this a rare thing? Has anyone else ever seen an entire flock of Rusty Blackbirds before?
  2. Thanks! I hope I will see more of them.
  3. Posting from east central Alabama. I saw this bird fly over me this morning. I watched where he landed and ran to get my camera. He was about 100 yards from me, so the pics are not great. This is the first time seeing one of these. Is this a Mississippi Kite? birds0 030 by Bama @DollyEverAfter, on Flickr birds0 020 by Bama @DollyEverAfter, on Flickr birds0 018 by Bama @DollyEverAfter, on Flickr
  4. Yellow Warbler?

    Yay! It's a lifer for me. Thank you!
  5. Spotted this morning in East Alabama. I thought it was a Pine warbler, but the face is a bit different and he was singing a different song. Yellow warbler or something else? birds2 010 by Bama @DollyEverAfter, on Flickr birds2 007 by Bama @DollyEverAfter, on Flickr
  6. Rusty Blackbird?

    Yay! Thanks! I was hoping.
  7. I have been seeing a small group of these birds, but they are always far away and high in the trees. I saw them again today and took a long shot hoping to capture at least one. I did get one photo that hopefully is enough to ID it. birds 013 by Bama @DollyEverAfter, on Flickr
  8. I took these pics yesterday, here in East Central Alabama. I just can't figure it out. It looks gray-brown in the pics, but looked dark gray-black in person. It was not shiny or iridescent. 014 by Bama @DollyEverAfter, on Flickr 018 by Bama @DollyEverAfter, on Flickr 022 by Bama @DollyEverAfter, on Flickr
  9. Confirm please

    Yay! Thanks!
  10. In Alabama. I have been trying to get a photo of an Eastern Kingbird for quite awhile. It was pretty far away, but I heard the call and could see the white tipped tail. I hope I'm not mistaken. Sorry about the photo quality. Can someone confirm? birds 001 by Bama @DollyEverAfter, on Flickr
  11. two birds

    I have been seeing the YB Chats here in East Alabama too. Unfortunately my photos are not as good as the original poster's.
  12. ID by sound?

    Thanks, but definitely not a Towhee. They live here year round and I have heard all of their sounds. Never heard them during dark hours either.
  13. ID by sound?

    We get up at 4:30am EST every morning. Shortly after I take our dog out to potty. It is still very dark at this time, and have rarely ever heard any other birds, except for an occasional owl. The past two mornings, I have heard a strange bird. It's close but I have not been able to see it, but it's call is very loud. yerk---yerk---yerk---ch-ch-ch-ch Sometimes there are more or less yerks and a pause before the ch-ch-ch sound. Any ideas?