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  1. Looks like a young Robin to me.
  2. Ninoovcov


    Hi Mike, yes its a Fieldfare 100%
  3. Hi , its a oyster catcher. 100% also i think there must be something on the ground that makes its bill look longer.
  4. Ninoovcov

    Not sure of identity

    Hi, im sure these are male and female Reed Buntings.
  5. I think it could have been a grasshopper warbler.....they like to call from deep in undergrowth and overgrowth. They are normally very difficult to see. Maybe this is why you thought it was a redstart?.. by the way cant get your img or video to work. Its funny how it took me a couple of years to see a GHW but all the images i find they are perched on top of bushes. They certainly didnt like to be in the open when i was searching for them!
  6. Agreed! tufted duck, its in winter plumage.
  7. Ninoovcov

    Is this a sparrowhawk?

    Yes 100% Sparrowhawk. Nice.
  8. Agreed! Its looks like a Ruff in winter plumage.
  9. You found my weakness! But i think its a Common Sandpiper.
  10. Hi mate, thats a young Blackbird, 100%.