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  1. Mike

    Hi Mike, yes its a Fieldfare 100%
  2. Hi , its a oyster catcher. 100% also i think there must be something on the ground that makes its bill look longer.
  3. Not sure of identity

    Hi, im sure these are male and female Reed Buntings.
  4. I think it could have been a grasshopper warbler.....they like to call from deep in undergrowth and overgrowth. They are normally very difficult to see. Maybe this is why you thought it was a redstart?.. by the way cant get your img or video to work. Its funny how it took me a couple of years to see a GHW but all the images i find they are perched on top of bushes. They certainly didnt like to be in the open when i was searching for them!
  5. Agreed! tufted duck, its in winter plumage.
  6. Is this a sparrowhawk?

    Yes 100% Sparrowhawk. Nice.
  7. Agreed! Its looks like a Ruff in winter plumage.
  8. You found my weakness! But i think its a Common Sandpiper.
  9. Hi mate, thats a young Blackbird, 100%.
  10. Hi mate, both Greater Spotted Woodies! The second photo is a young one and the first a female.
  11. Yes Its a Swallow 100%