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  1. Duck with a huge schnoz

    Wow Liam that's extremely helpful. The bird was a long ways away but it was moving. It must have been preening rather than sleeping though.
  2. At first I thought this was just taken from a funny angle, but I have two others and his bill looks the same.
  3. I need help with another bird

    I was within 15' feet of this bird. I'm pretty sure it was much smaller than a Mockingbird.
  4. This was yesterday at Quivira NWR in central Kansas
  5. These were taken over the weekend in the mountains near Breckenridge CO. There were many, many birds on this Monarda. I think there were at least two species (or at least M,F, and juvies of a single species. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Which hummingbird?

    I believe this to be a juvenile RTHU, but something just doesn't look exactly right. Taken yesterday in South Central Kansas
  7. Homemade Ant Moats?

    I did basically this exact thing but filled my moat with vaseline - doesn't evaporate as fast and nothing can swim through it.
  8. Steadicam for video

    I don't know if many people take video of birds like I do occasionally, but . . . Steadicam systems cost anywhere from $500 to $5000. I built this one for $32 and it took me about an hour. It works like a champ and it has an outrigger for low tracking shots and a separate bracket for a shotgun mic just like the high end units. I based it on this unit but made a couple of improvements. I did not bend the fender washers. I left them flat and stuck felt furniture sliding pads to them. And I used 2 six in L brackets instead of bending and drilling an aluminum bar like he did. Also - a slightly different attachment for the weight. http://14dollarstabilizer.org/
  9. I can't imagine anyone on here would ever chance with messing with an endangered species - at least I sure hope not!
  10. A General Question about Asking for IDs

    I missed the mention of a crest.
  11. A General Question about Asking for IDs

    Is there any chance it was a juvenile Scrub Jay? That's way out of range but the description kind of matches. Google images for that and see what you think. Also, when I first started I was horrible at seeing a bird, and then remembering exactly what it looked like 5 minutes later. Field guides will typically tell you specifically what to look for. Once you learn the "key ingredients" to id'ing, it gets easier and easier.
  12. Thanks. I think I was about 300 yards from where the nests are. This guy suddenly showed up and landed on a sandbar about 50 yards from me and started preening him/herself - so I got a lot of pictures.
  13. Got confirmation from local experts. Not only is it athalassos, but there's a breeding colony here. I'm not going to go back for fear of disturbing the birds. Pretty exciting though.