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  1. Wood Frog

    Nice pic.
  2. Lunch

    This is my absolute favorite thread on whatbird. Great pics throughout
  3. Leucistic American Robin

    Incredible bird.
  4. Help with ID of large green moth

    yes, i agree with pandora sphinx. they green colors on this species is why they are one of my favorites. nice find
  5. American Woodcock

    really nice pics. they are very hard to spot...
  6. Lunch

    great photos, shrikes are incredible.
  7. What Snake?

    that is the snakes defense musk. one of my favorite smells
  8. Two cute frogs

    The first two look like Grey Tree Frogs, and the others Green Tree Frogs.
  9. Any guesses?

    Interesting litte invert, cool find
  10. Any guesses?

    At first glance I was thinking Orthoptera. I know that has to be wrong, so I'd agree with you that Hymenoptera is probably correct. I had an experience like this the first time I collected an owl fly many years ago.
  11. OKC snakes

    The pattern on that rat snake is definitely unique. Nice find!
  12. Please help with Grasshopper ID!

    its still morphing. we get the huge black adults down here. they stink and their defense release is usually audible. pretty incredible.
  13. those look like newly hatched racers. a non venomous sp.
  14. Big ole flying bug!

    its a nice looking Banded Sphinx Moth (Eumorpha fasciatus). one of my favorites, nice find
  15. Some kind of domestic game bird?

    those are coturnix quail. indeed a domestic variety.