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  1. Handful of Sparrows

  2. Yes.... these are Ruddys.
  3. Hummingbird ID

    hmm... I can not view your pics for some reason. Says I must be signed in??
  4. ID help please

    You've got another House Sparrow(partially leucistic), A Ruddy Duck and an American Tree Sparrow.
  5. Sparrow ID

  6. Mystery Duck/Goose

    Take a look at blue phase Snow Goose as a possibility.
  7. Duck Dumb (me)

    I agree with this assessment, except I am thinking another possibility for the upper rightmost bird as another drake Ring-necked at a weird angle.
  8. Please help me identify this seabird

    Agree with Bonaparte's Gull here.
  9. Juvenile Red-shouldered?

  10. Is this a Merlin?

    Agree with Merlin here.
  11. Lesser vs Greater Scaup

    Yes, I agree with Lessers for these.
  12. Red-throated Loon? Pacific? Common?

    Yep a second for Red-throated Loon there.
  13. What did you see today?

    While we have had a horrible season of Saw-Whet banding so far this year with a whooping total of 6 birds(as compared to some past seasons where we'd be at 50 or so by now). However, we have had some nice surprises of birds that found the nets for the first time...the Merlin found the nets right after sunset and was SCREAMING the whole time we were removing it. and on a different night the Woodcock also found the nets right after opening, and was very calm in the hand.
  14. #ABArare

    Nice. These guys do show up fairly regularly in NJ... actually I wonder if that's the bird that has been at Dekorte/Kearny Marsh area since July... finally moving out with this cold front.