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  1. Yellowish bird - warbler of some kind?

    N. Parula seconded.
  2. Sparrow and Warbler

    Agree with Clay-colored... but I think the warbler is a better fit for Magnolia.
  3. Looks like a Red-chested Sunbird.
  4. Dead rail

    Virginia Rail... possibly a window strike fatality
  5. Three Fledglings

    In your original post... pic #1 looks to be a Warbling Vireo with a deformed beak and pics #2 &#3 are Common Yellowthroats. Later in your second post... pic#1 is the same Warbling Vireo with the deformed beak and pic #2 is a Common Yellowthroat.
  6. I am thinking maybe a Brown Snake Eagle for 1 and a Tawny Eagle for 2.
  7. I'm thinking a juvenile Martial Eagle.
  8. id help with this yellow bird

    Agree with Northern Parula, Orchard Oriole and a Trail's Flycatcher.
  9. Pa warbler id

    Yes, another agreement for Mourning Warbler.
  10. warbler id

    definite American Redstart
  11. Her birding days are over,

    Sorry to hear of this BigOly.. my deepest sympathy for your loss. I was always in awe of the stories of you and Debbie's travels over the years that you shared on Whatbird. I can only hope someday to have something similar to the wonderful journeys that you two shared. Thanks for sharing some of those journeys with us over the years. May she rest in peace and may the cherished memories you and her shared help comfort you now and always.
  12. Warbler

    Cape May seconded
  13. 2 dead birds?

    I'll second Dred's IDs