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  1. Probable upcoming France trip

    Probable France business trip coming in the not so distant future, so.... wondering if anybody has any advice for birding spots? I will be centered a little north of Paris for the business portion and then most likely will have a car and be able to go a bit further outside city(provided I am allowed to tack on so vacation time to bird of course). I am at a lose for European species other then the fairly common one... don't know what is around at what times (i am thinking probably a March/ April trip). I am just starting researching it...So if anyone has first hand suggestions, please let me know. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Merlin?

    Agree with Merlin here
  3. duck - Gainesville, FL

    Man.... I really hope the leader said BW Teal otherwise I'd want my money back.
  4. Mystery bird at my feeder

    Here is a pic i found(not mine so only a link), showing the light eye stripe. I have seen it on very occasional birds as well... I think it depends individual variation and possibly on lighting and angle of pic too. http://www.robertwinslowphoto.com/Animals/Birds/North-American-Birds-Misc/i-RKSHn6s Plus a female Red-winged Blackbird would show extensive streaking.
  5. Anybody have an idea what this is?

    Glad to see I am not alone in not even looking at them...
  6. Mystery bird at my feeder

    Sorry I still see this as a female BH Cowbird as the best option here. Don't think I can make it into anything else.. the face is within the range of variation, the white throat is fine, the black bill is correct, overall body shape...
  7. Mystery bird at my feeder

    I am seeing this as a female Brown-headed Cowbird.
  8. Anybody have an idea what this is?

    When was this pic taken?....i'd imagine sometime between May and August. This looks like a juvenile Dark-eyed Junco.
  9. Ducks in California

    Gadwalls there.
  10. grebe

    For the OP and others wondering.... HY is hatch year and SY means second year(as in calendar year), so on Jan 1 2018, this bird became a SY bird.
  11. What Duck am I?

    Yes, hen Redhead here.
  12. Southern California Nocturnal Bird

    As stated the legs offer only one real option... Black Necked Stilt. A Killdeer legs are nowhere near as long as this bird. Agree with darknight that your bird is most likely a Killdeer to me as well, however the OP's pic show a Black-necked Stilt
  13. What type of large nest is this???

    I know exactly where this nest is...Officers Club at the Hook. It was in fact an Osprey Nest. However it has not been used for a couple of years though.
  14. Southern California Nocturnal Bird

    Yeah...has to be a Black-necked Stilt.
  15. Pine Warbler?

    Yes... Baltimore Oriole for me too.