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  1. birdbrain22

    Two More Sparrows

    Second for Chipping and Lark Sparrows here.
  2. birdbrain22

    Little bird in CT

    The links do not work for me. I get an 403 error that I need to be signed in
  3. birdbrain22

    Two Sparrows

    Savannah and Lincoln's
  4. birdbrain22


    Yes... Baltimore
  5. birdbrain22

    Need Help ID'ing this Bird

    Another agreement for Sharpie.
  6. Yes, certainly looks like a BW Teal x N. Shoveler to me.
  7. birdbrain22

    Crouching bird, hidden sparrow

    Agree... there is just not enough to lead to a positive ID here.
  8. birdbrain22

    Sparrow Id

    You are thinking correctly...
  9. birdbrain22

    which sparrow?

    All Songs
  10. birdbrain22

    Osprey with what Fish?

    Looks like a Koi to me... hope it was not an expensive one!
  11. birdbrain22

    More Warbler help

    Agree with BT Green and Blue-winged
  12. birdbrain22

    What kind of sparrow is this?

    Agree with Swamp
  13. birdbrain22

    Vireo ID

    These are all Warbling Vireos.
  14. I am thinking this is a Short-tailed Hawk. It is not a Zone-tailed as it does not look long winged enough.
  15. birdbrain22

    Confirm Rufous-sided Towhee?

    This is an Eastern Towhee. The old name was Rufous-sided Towhee