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  1. Yes, certainly looks like a BW Teal x N. Shoveler to me.
  2. Crouching bird, hidden sparrow

    Agree... there is just not enough to lead to a positive ID here.
  3. Sparrow Id

    You are thinking correctly...
  4. which sparrow?

    All Songs
  5. Osprey with what Fish?

    Looks like a Koi to me... hope it was not an expensive one!
  6. More Warbler help

    Agree with BT Green and Blue-winged
  7. What kind of sparrow is this?

    Agree with Swamp
  8. Vireo ID

    These are all Warbling Vireos.
  9. I am thinking this is a Short-tailed Hawk. It is not a Zone-tailed as it does not look long winged enough.
  10. Confirm Rufous-sided Towhee?

    This is an Eastern Towhee. The old name was Rufous-sided Towhee
  11. Confirm New York State Common Grackle

    I am seeing Starlings too.
  12. Starling in NY (near Saratoga)

    Rust Blackbird for me too.
  13. Major dips in 2018

    I need to get #500 before going to France in a few months... Can't have #500 be a French bird! Despite 3 tries this winter, I missed the NJ Gyrfalcon. Hopefully some vagrant lifer shows up early in migration.
  14. Ibis? In northern Italy

    In parts of South France too. I am actually hoping a come across some in a few months... but not sure if I will count them if in fact I do see them.
  15. Another raptor

    Male Northern Harrier... Gray Ghost
  16. Panama Bird ID Assistance

    Boat-billed Heron there.
  17. black stripeless finch

    Yep... Another for House Finch here.
  18. 1st Winter White-Throated Sparrow?

    I am not even getting into it.... nevermind.
  19. Bird ID - some type of thrush?

    Yes... definite Hermit Thrush here.
  20. Upcoming France trip

    Upcoming France business trip coming in the not so distant future, so.... wondering if anybody has any advice for birding spots? I will be centered a little north of Paris for the business portion and then most likely will have a car and be able to go a bit further outside city(provided I am allowed to tack on so vacation time to bird of course). I am at a lose for European species other then the fairly common one... don't know what is around at what times (late May). I am just starting researching it...So if anyone has first hand suggestions, please let me know. Thanks in advance for any help.
  21. Caracara?

    Agree with GB Heron. If you are still in the area and need Crested Caracara, try the nearby Viera Hospital(right down the rd. from the Wetlands). We have had them multiple years now resting on some of the upper ledges of the hospital. In addition to seeing them at the Wetlands, the hospital is a well know spot for them too.
  22. Agree with Spanish Sparrow
  23. Lesser or Great Black Backed Gull?

    Agree with Great here.
  24. Hawk/Falcon outside New Orleans, LA

    Second for Peregrine Falcon
  25. Merlin?

    Agree with Merlin here