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  1. Wet warbler(?) ID

    A friend sent me this pic of a wet "warbler-sized" bird to ID. My best guess is HY Yellow Warbler, though my confidence level is low. Seen with a mixed warbler/vireo flock in Palm Beach, FL on 12/25.
  2. Wet warbler(?) ID

    By my count, that's 9 species proposed so far!
  3. Wet warbler(?) ID

    Actually, I'm now leaning toward female BT Blue, having noticed the white flash on the wing. The couple of undertail pics I can find also show white edging on the tail feathers. Here's one taken off Google
  4. Wet warbler(?) ID

    Sorry, no
  5. Wet warbler(?) ID

    That's actually a Paradise Tree, but all 3 of the species you mentioned (along with at least 10 more likely candidates) are all present at this location.
  6. Wet warbler(?) ID

    Thank you.
  7. Wet warbler(?) ID

    Excellent points and probably correct now that I'm looking closer at a brightened up version. However, I can't live with the shame of having a guy in St Pete IDing a Palm Warbler for me, so we'll have to come up with something else.
  8. Wet warbler(?) ID

    That is exactly what has me baffled.
  9. Female tanager or kingbird?

    Although I can't make out any eyeline, based on the bill shape and white edges/tip on the tail feathers, I'd say this was a Western Kingbird.
  10. Buteo ID Help

    Location: Broward County, FL (Ft Lauderdale area), inland location. For the past few weeks, I've been getting glimpses of a very dark, medium-sized buteo. It usually hunts just at the top of the tree line and I end up losing it behind the trees after a second or two. On one occasion I was able to catch it soaring (very high) and was able to snap a couple of pictures. The initial impression was Short-tailed Hawk (regularly seen in this area), but after getting it in the binos, it was clearly not. The attached photo was taken on 4/30/15, unfortunately at some distance. The top is close to how it actually appears to the eye (like I said, very dark), the bottom is lightened and enhanced to show some of the markings. The dark band across the breast would seem to point to RTHA (which are present here), but it lacks the dark petagial marks and otherwise seems not at all like a RTHA. Swainson's perhaps? TCMysteryHawk by Bruce Pickholtz, on Flickr
  11. Buteo ID Help

    Thanks for looking. I suppose this will remain a hyper-chromatic RTHA unless I can get some better photos showing something different. I'll let you know if I do.
  12. Please help 3 different birds

    First is definitely Ovenbird. The second has a definite Wood Thrush vibe, but can't say for certain from the photo. #3 appears to be a Veery.
  13. Eastern Phoebe? Flycatcher?

    Eastern Kingbird. Note the white-tipped tail.
  14. Seen Sunday at Tall Cypress Natural Area in Coral Springs, FL. Testing out posting pics from Flickr... GHOW by flapick, on Flickr
  15. Tern ID help

    My question has to do with the bird in the center. Seen in SE Florida (inland location, but mimics coastal habitat) It was in a mixed flock of loafing birds, made up primarily of Caspian, Royal, Forster's Terns and RB Gulls. My assumption was that it is a 1st-winter Forster's, but a closer look at the photo seems to show a different head shape, shorter bill and a 'hint' of a dark carpal bar. Is this perhaps a young Common Tern? FOTE by flapick, on Flickr https://flic.kr/p/qqR3kD
  16. Tern ID help

    Thanks for the confirmation. I worked out my photo embedding problem - I apologize for making you click through the link.
  17. ID please

    Female Indigo Bunting
  18. mystery bird near Boston Harbor

    It looks like a scruffy juvenile Brown Cowbird to my eyes.
  19. help

    #6 looks to be a yellow-backed oriole
  20. Help with duck ID

    Juvenile Mallard, Mallard/Mottled hybrid, or ??? Seen in SE Florida. Here's a link in case I mess up posting the pic: https://picasaweb.google.com/113764911832344671965/TallCypressNaturalAreaCoralSpringsFL#5958049497118931154 Thanks
  21. Help with duck ID

    I appreciate the quick replies. While there's no doubt that there is Mallard in this, after some more research (and considering the local avifauna), I'm thinking that this may be Mallard (probably domestic type) x Egyptian Goose. Thoughts?