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  1. TulsaRose

    Phailed Phoebe ID?

    Hi Ken, newbie here so I may be way off but your beautiful little bird looks like a Willow Flycatcher to me. Compare to images at this link.
  2. TulsaRose

    Bird I've never seen until this year

    Compare the pictures found at this website for Brown-headed Cowbird with the ones showing up in your yard. The website is an excellent source for ID'ing birds.
  3. TulsaRose

    Thwarted Starling raid

    Remove the suet feeder for a few days and the Starlings will take their search for food to another area...hopefully far away from your house.
  4. TulsaRose

    Bird nest ID

    One possibility would be a Baltimore Oriole nest.
  5. TulsaRose

    photos of bird nests

    Robin Nest
  6. TulsaRose

    One Of My Favorite Subjects

    Thanks for the great shots, Okriverotter. They are my favorite wild animal.
  7. Michelle, that is a gorgeous bird that I'm not familiar with. Maybe they don't come this far north? I hope you don't mind if I doctored the image a little to get a better idea of just how pretty it is.
  8. TulsaRose

    Okefenokee Swamp

    This article from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website about fox squirrels may be helpful. Google Images of the Sherman's look very much like your picture.
  9. TulsaRose

    Web page tool bar question?

    Michelle, simply pressing the Home key takes you back to the top of the page...no scrolling necessary. I'm too lazy to do it any other way.
  10. TulsaRose

    Our Pets

    Great shot! I don't know how you EVEN managed to get all four of them to pose like that.
  11. TulsaRose

    What did you see today?

    Super shots of a beautiful subject, Michelle. I hope you are able to follow the progress of the eggs \ babies.
  12. TulsaRose

    Common Whip-poor-will or ?

    Thanks for the ID.
  13. This picture isn't the best in the world for ID purposes but I'm hoping someone will know what it is. It was a one-time visitor in the old Birch tree in my front yard. It's cammo was so blended with the branch, I almost missed it. It slept there for several hours and then just disappeared. My initial searches led me to believe it was a Common Whip-poor-will. Recently here at WhatBird, I saw a picture of a Common Nighthawk that looked very similar. Is there any way of ID'ing my visitor? Thanks for looking.
  14. TulsaRose

    Pink-sided Junco?

    May I ask a question that will probably sound weird? Until I joined WhatBird, I didn't even know there was more than one kind of Junco. The bird in your picture looks like the image of a female "Oregon" Junco found at AllAboutBirds.Org. I want to know if that is the same as a "Pink-sided" Junco or an entirely different bird. I am so confused. lol! Rosie
  15. TulsaRose

    Our Pets

    This is a great topic and I've enjoyed reading all the posts and viewing pictures of your kids. I would like to introdue y'all to Icie, my best buddy. She is a five year old brindle Pit-mix...thinking the "mix" part is cuddle bunny. She loves to help me when I'm working in the flowerbeds and often brings me her discoveries.