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  1. Cactus Wren! I got these photos for an article I'm working on about sagebrush fragmentation. Super happy with them. Cactus Wren by Elisa Yang, on Flickr
  2. Allen's Vs Rufous

    That picture helps greatly, thank you. I think it's clear in this photo that this bird has oodles of rufous all over it that is not just the product of lighting. I lightened it (hope you don't mind, OP) and the gorget looks to be in a pattern that seems unanimous in hybrids. Although, I don't feel comfortable calling it anything so I'll leave that to someone else. But this bird is definitely rufous, all over.
  3. Black, they're super common in Taiwan from what I can remember. I don't think Ashy Drongo's range extends into Taiwan
  4. Maybe an Oriental Turtle-dove? I'm not sure if they're found in Singapore.
  5. Allen's Vs Rufous

    Ok, I'm willing to accept this as an Anna's with abnormal coloration, but that rufous is not the product of lighting. The lighting appears to be direct, on a sunny, bright, day.
  6. Myrtle Yellow-rumped Warbler?

    OK, so I guess the yellow in the throat was just lighting. The other two look like pure Audubon's. More Audubon-looking integrades usually have a more distinct supercilium and a throat patch that curls upward + distinct white bordering to the throat.
  7. Myrtle Yellow-rumped Warbler?

    Do you have any more photos? I'm curious about whether the yellow in the throat is just a product of lighting or if it could be a hint of an integrade, which seem fairly common in Yellow-rumped Warblers.
  8. Allen's Vs Rufous

    I'm having a hard time seeing this bird as a pure Anna's with what appears to be rufous on the back, flanks, and collar that doesn't appear to be product of lighting. Although, all the photos I can find online of hybrids appear to have rufous tail feathers as well.
  9. Allen's Vs Rufous

    This is an Allen's Hummingbird. This much rufous coloration automatically rules out Anna's.
  10. Possible Oregon x Pink-sided Dark-eyed Junco

    As someone currently doing a study on junco subspecies, Pink-sided and some of the oreganus subspecies are close enough that I don't think I could point out an intergrade if you bet my life on it. But in any case, this looks like a pretty normal mearnsi to me.
  11. Hairy vs Downy

    The second bird is a Hairy Woodpecker - long bill, shoulder spur, clean white tail feathers, etc. The angle is probably making the bill seem shorter than it is.
  12. California Scrub-jay by Elisa Yang, on Flickr
  13. Common species, but I liked this photo! Canada Goose by Elisa Yang, on Flickr Also, I finally got a decent photo of an ibis. They're super skittish and move annoyingly fast, plus the light was a total PITA, so I'm happy: White-faced Ibis by Elisa Yang, on Flickr
  14. Does anyone have any recs for a tripod for wildlife video or stills? Preferably $400 or under. Also, would the Beike gimball head or Manfrotto 128rc be sufficient for video, or should I invest in something more expensive? Thanks
  15. Fall Issue of The Wrong-eared Owl is out!

    Thanks so much guys! The winter issue is now out if you want to check it out: https://indd.adobe.com/view/375f246c-2500-4487-9ab6-ecae258c9ddf