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  1. Song sparrow or Lincoln's

    Thanks all
  2. Here in southern California, not sure if it s a song or Lincoln's 0B0A2101-Edit
  3. What kind of Plover

    What kind of plover are these, there were seen on southern California coast. What is close that i could find were Wilson's and Piping. 0B0A1747-Edit
  4. What type of sandpiper are these, this was taken on the So. California coast. 0B0A0716-Edit 0B0A0763-Edit
  5. What type of gull

    I must admit I am the worst at identifying gull species. What type of gull is this? It was taken in southern California. I'm thinking first year California Gull. 0B0A9840-Edit by Terry Dickerson, on Flickr
  6. What sparrow

    Thanks all.
  7. What sparrow

    What type of sparrow is this? This was taken in southern California. My guesses were Song, Lincolns, or Savannah.
  8. Hairy or Downey

    Wow, Thanks
  9. Hairy or Downey

    This bird came by this morning. I live in the Mojave desert and don't see a lot of Woodpeckers. IMG_0228-Edit-2 by Terry Dickerson, on Flickr IMG_0225-Edit by Terry Dickerson, on Flickr
  10. New bird for me

    Great, Thanks
  11. New bird for me

    Not sure but is this a Red-eyed vireo? This was taken in the southern California Desert at Piute Ponds. 0B0A6713-Edit by Terry Dickerson, on Flickr
  12. Unknown Bird

    A friend is on vacation in Montana and sent me this picture, Since I live in So California it is unfamiliar to me. It was taken 9/3/2017. unknown Bird by Terry Dickerson, on Flickr
  13. I captured this picture in the Antelope Valley in Southern California. Is this a Cactus Wren or LeConte's Thrasher? _MG_5852-Edit by Terry Dickerson, on Flickr