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  1. Not a clue what this bird is

    I recognize a lot of birds now, but this one is a mystery to me. See in my back yard, Glen Allen, VA, today (3/24). Thanks, Scott H.
  2. Seen yesterday (March 17) in Glen Allen, VA. I pretty much assume all the redish finches I see are house finches. I'm not sure if a purple finch came around if I could tell the difference. This one seemed a little different color. Maybe just the lighting? Or is it different? Thanks, Scott H.
  3. See in Glen Allen, VA on March 3. I know males are usually solid black with red/yellow on wing. Females are brown. Is this a first year male or do some males just look like this? Scott H.
  4. Really Ugly Goldfinch?

    See in Glen Allen, VA March 10. Actually, I am pretty sure it is a really ugly Goldfinch. A normally beautiful species. I hope it is OK for this forum. I don't where else to pose the question. Are they supposed to look like this in March? Or any time of year for that matter. It is not my intention to be mean. I'm not that great looking myself. thanks, Scott H.
  5. American Goldfinch with black beak? or something else?

    Awesome!!! Thanks guys!!
  6. Seen in my backyard in Glen Allen VA north of Richmond today (Feb 17). I see American Goldfinches infrequently, but I thought they all had orangey yellow beaks. This one is black and seem longer. Thanks for your help. Scott H.
  7. A type of Thrush, perhaps?

    See in residential neighborhood north of Richmond today. I don't believe I've ever seen this bird in my yard. Scott H.
  8. Help with 3 sparrows

    I'm not good with sparrows. All seen near Richmond VA the past week. Sparrow 1 Sparrow 2 Sparrow 3 Thanks, Scott H.
  9. What kind of hawk

    My apologies. I wanted to rename it and accidentally broke the link.
  10. What kind of hawk

    Thanks! You guys are great!
  11. What kind of hawk

    I don't know why hawks seem difficult to me. There aren't that many different kinds. This is likely just a plain red-tailed hawk, but its tail doesn't look that red to me like pictures I see when I google red-tailed hawks. Seen north of Richmond, VA, Nov 10. Thanks, Scott H
  12. Kinglet confirmatioon please

    Thanks! I thought I saw "orange crowned kinglet" in google images. I feel silly if there is no such bird. I had never seen a crown that full before and it looked a little different color. Scott H.
  13. Kinglet confirmatioon please

    Seen in Henricus park south of Richmond, VA today. Could this actually be an Orange Crowned Kinglet arguing with a Golden Crowned Kinglet. I'll never get a good clear picture of a kinlget, but it would be cool if that is what this is. Thanks, Scott H.
  14. Help with this little bird

    Seen at Henricus Park south of Richmond today. Thanks, Scott H.
  15. Seen in Henricus park south of Richmond, VA today. Thanks, Scott H.