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  1. Downy or Hairy

    I think this is a Downy, based on the bill relative to the head, and no visible shoulder spur.
  2. Woodpecker - Hairy or Downy

    I also agree, for the reasons given.
  3. Dawn Bird Song

    I often hear Mourning Doves in the morning this time of year.
  4. Snow Goose

    Yep, Snow Geese.
  5. junco

    Yes, Dark-eyed Juncos. They should be heading north soon.
  6. Is this a red-breasted nuthatch?

    I agree with Red-breasted Nuthatch.
  7. Great Gray Owl

    I think the yellow eyes seal the ID.
  8. Hairy or Downy woodpecker ?

    Plus, no barring in the outer rail feathers, and I can see the shoulder spur.
  9. Need some help

    More like Gila or Golden-fronted than Red-bellied, but I have no info on Honduras. Millipede's link mentions Golden-fronted.
  10. Confirm Hairy Woodpecker

    I would agree with Hairy.
  11. Bird ID needed in Iowa

    I also agree with Northern Flicker.
  12. distant hawk

    My impression is a Red-tailed hawk. And I think I see the belly band in the first photo.
  13. Downy or Hairy, yet again

    I believe that is a Hairy Woodpecker. The split red patch, lack of barring in the outer tail feathers, and shoulder spur all point to Hairy. The suet feeder looks similar to mine, so the horizontal bars should be one inch apart.
  14. But of course it could have died of natural causes. This is the Red-shafted variety, common in the western US.