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  1. What types of gulls are these?

    Could be wrong, but the second looks better for a Ring-billed to me.
  2. ?? Sparrow

    I agree with this being a Chipping.
  3. This is absolutely insane. Sad to hear about the number of deaths though… wonder if there would be any way to turn off some of the lights to prevent things from happening to this extent. http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S39968381
  4. It's a little dull, but try Saffron Finch. I think they're pretty commonly found in more urban areas.
  5. Mutant squirrel

    Funny, we get about equal black squirrels and grey ones at our feeders. Usually have 3-4 of each colour, but there are definitely more around as there were two batches of babies this summer.
  6. It looks like some kind of weaver, but I'm not positive which. Maybe a Spectacled Weaver?
  7. poss bunting BC

    In the first link the top bird is a Savannah Sparrow, but then the other two images are of a Golden-crowned Sparrow.
  8. Looks like Cowbird in California

    It is indeed a towhee… a California Towhee, conveniently.
  9. Hummingbird in napa

    Anna's Hummingbird.
  10. Birds from south Arizona

    I agree that 1 is a Lesser Goldfinch. 2 is indeed a Verdin. I'm wondering about Hepatic for the tanager though... Bill looks rather bluish, and the facial pattern seems to fit better. Also agree with 5 and 6, but I'll pass on the flycatchers.
  11. Strange Squirrel

    Okay, thanks Psweet!
  12. Please ID sparrows 2

    What about Vesper for the first?
  13. We've noticed this squirrel for about a month now, visiting our feeders pretty often (in Vancouver BC). The reddish colour on our belly stands out the most, but it's also quite silvery on top. Definitely very obviously different compared to the regular Eastern Greys. I really have no idea, but is it maybe a Fox Squirrel? They shouldn't be in BC, but I believe they've been introduced in Washington. Thanks. I'm interested in other opinions, as I've super curious about it.
  14. Your current nemesis bird...

    Got Eurasian Skylark two weeks ago, as that was becoming a bit of a nemesis (only population is on Vancouver Island, but we'd tried a few different times at a couple locations with no luck). Finally had 4, super poor photos but decent looks in flight and they were calling too. White-tailed Ptarmigan is definitely my current nemesis. Looking at eBird checklists, I've spent over 25 hours searching specifically for them. Just less than 40 km hiked… we've found feathers and scat on multiple occasions, and people have had 10+ in the exact same location the day before or after, but I have not had good luck. At least I've gotten some good exercise because of them.
  15. Kingbird - Need Help quickly

    Ahaha, I had to google what this meant.