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  1. Maybe a finch?

    I guess we will never really know as picture has already been taken down.
  2. Brown Thrush?

    Brown Thrasher.
  3. bird id

    No photo.
  4. Need Help Identifying this bird!

    It looks like a sex linked variety of Rhode Island Red. Hen, of course.
  5. Small spotted birds?

    Picture difficult to see, but European Starlings?
  6. Northern Mockingbird?

    Wow, on and off in two hours. That may be a new record.
  7. Need help with a few parrots please.

    Not to mention all the cross breeding that goes on amongst these varieties in the US.
  8. Hawk Help Please!

    Juvenile Ms. Kite?
  9. What type of bird is this

    And a few in So Calif.
  10. Regular Rock Pigeon?

    Recessive, not tecessive. Stubby fingers.
  11. Regular Rock Pigeon?

    Actually, brown is a fairly common color in domestic pigeons. But it is recessive to other colors. This is either a brown or a recessive red. Hard to tell in this pic. If I had to guess, I am leaning tecessive red.
  12. Pet bird?

    Young Scaly Breasted Munia? Are there any Silverbills in Tx? Not familar with introduced birds there except some parrots.
  13. Light Blue Dove-Like Bird

    Looks to be a Silver White Tail Diamond Dove... These can be quite pricey. Surprising the owners have not followed up. They have a hard time dealing with temperatures below freezing, and will not survive the winter, if a predator doesn't get it before then.
  14. Unknown bird from June

    I, too often, see guesses on here, stated as fact. I think if we are going to guess, there should, at the very least, be a question mark at the end of the "guess" . If not, it leads us non experts on an incorrect path. Of course, after awhile, you learn who to trust and who not to. Not aiming this at anyone specifically.
  15. Light Blue Dove-Like Bird

    That is, in fact a Diamond Dove. Escapee.