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  1. New Bluebird House Resident

    Brown headed nuthatch.

    I would sell my sole (notice the spelling) for a family of Screech Owls to nest in my yard.. I did, once, have a family of kestrels nest in a hole in a large limb of a tree in my back yard, when I lived on Long Island . Raise a nest and departed. Not long after, a storm removed that limb and I never saw them again. Life is good when you have birds nesting in your yard.

    I ve been searching most of my adult life for one of the more common birds throughout the US and still, NADA. All I ask for is a simple Screech Owl.
  4. You are welcome, and welcome to the site... By the way,, its a male. The females are a more uniform green and gray.
  5. Warbler?

    Could be an immature female in your first photo. I believe they are a bit more drab.
  6. A gull. Not sure the kind

    Could also just be the angle of the photo.
  7. Unknown bird - Bad photo

    I get an Osprey vibe, although the bird does appear dark, but that could be due to back lightning... Wings and body are a tad off , but they seem to be for a Raven also. AT least the wings do. I'm guessing.
  8. Where? That does appear to be a young Red Breasted(Moustached) Parakeet.
  9. Please Help ID this Hawaiian Bird

    Definitely... and a fine looking specimen at that. Nice picture. The breed could be Racing Homer, and the color pattern is called a pied, or splash, blue check.
  10. Accipiter? Covington Louisiana

    Used to live just north of Covington, and the Coopers there were like a dime a dozen.. They were everywhere. My flying pigeons didn't stand a chance. I had to vary my flying hours so as not to create a routine, which the Coopers quickly picked up on. Once, I had three hit withing ten seconds of a release from the pigeon loft. They are deadly. Many times I would see them hanging from the mesh of the windows, trying their best to get in. That entire area is loaded with Coopers.
  11. Hybrids

    We often see, and discuss, hybrids on here. Thought this was an interesting article regarding chickadees. https://phys.org/news/2018-03-hybrid-chickadees-deficient-memory.html?utm_source=menu&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=item-menu
  12. And, now, next door in Huntington Beach and Irvine. Can't miss those brightly colored males.