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  1. I guess Im lazy. If I dont recognize the code, I dont bother looking it up. I mean Sandhill or SACR....Is that an effort in typing.. lol Just me.
  2. Definitely domestic mallard, which come in all sizes and colors.
  3. Eggs take, if I remember correctly 28 days to hatch..Hen doesnt start "setting" until she has laid the entire clutch of eggs. The young jump down to the water within a day of hatching.
  4. Great bird for Covington, my old home for 14 years.. I never saw one there, or anywhere near New Orleans for that matter. Very nice pics.
  5. Nice shots. Lived in Fl almost 5 years. Never saw a scrub jay. Unfortunately, their numbers keep diminishing.
  6. White variety of domesticated "ringneck" dove. Streptopelia risoria.
  7. S. C.? YOU'RE UP. LOL. I sure dont know.
  8. Green Singing Finch, perhaps. Very common in pet trade.
  9. Well, which is it we are agreeing on here. I don't know, but would like to.
  10. Link keeps taking me to Facebook, which I do not inhabit. Domestic pigeons come in over 1000 different forms and colors, as my picture illustrates just one example.
  11. I'd also go with some domestic ancestry on that duck as psweet points out. The bird on a wire looks like a domestic pigeon to me.
  12. I am in agreement with Oly.
  13. Looks like a Blue Fisher's Lovebird. But , could be a blue Masked..
  14. California Towhee.
  15. Lots of Bananaquits on this bird cam if interested: http://www.casabonitabonaire.com/birdwatching.html