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  1. Birds used in ceremonies are white, and are Racing Homers, yes. They return home and can be used over and over again. Most Racing Homers are NOT white. Most rabid racing guys do not fly any white birds, and shy away from those with a lot of white on them, due to the fact that they are easier prey for Hawks, due to their sticking out in a flock, and to the fact that white flight and tail feathers become frayed much more than the normal dark colored flights and tails. AND, when these well trained athletes are in a race, they need every advantage they can get.
  2. Yes, that blue around the eye is a great field mark.
  3. Probably not a utility pigeon, but a racing homer. Some are very robust.
  4. Fantastic bird, how it escaped predators is amazing. Would stick out like a sore thumb in a flock or normal Evening Grosbeaks.
  5. That second pic sure does show a very large beak for a canary.. IF a grosbeak, would have to be some lutino mutation. Is the eye Ruby?
  6. Red tail.
  7. Looks like an immature red tail to me.
  8. They do come in a number of color variations.
  9. My thought also, Bird Nuts.
  10. Yes, color pattern is known as blue checker, due to the check markings on the wing shield.
  11. No photo.
  12. Fledgling house sparrow, I do believe.
  13. Red tail, red tail, coopers?
  14. Wow, now we are getting pics up and down in less than one hour,,, Or am I just not seeing them?