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  1. Bird Identification Please

    Looks like a Tennessee Red variety of Bobwhite. Doubt it finds its way home.
  2. First pic looks like one of the Whydahs.
  3. Unfortunate Window Strike

    Thank you. It was tiny and didn't look like anything I am familiar with. Best I could measure it was 4 1/4", beak tip to tail tip.
  4. Unfortunate Window Strike

    Huntington Beach, Ca. I knew I missed putting something in here.
  5. Unfortunate Window Strike

    Sorry about that double post.
  6. Young male Common Yellow Throat? Entire top of bird was olive. No markings.
  7. Young male Common Yellow Throat? Entire top of bird was olive. No markings.
  8. Appears to be a Spotted Dove.
  9. Hybrid?

    That’s the khaki color mutation.
  10. Unknown Parakeet

    Pretty confident these are Red-masked Parakeets.
  11. Dark colored bird near pier Santa Barbara

    That’s what I get from assuming the size by photos with no relativity. I guess the beak should have given it away.
  12. Dark colored bird near pier Santa Barbara

    Immature American Crow, I do believe.
  13. Not a Pigeon or a Dove??

    The white of the head affects eye color. Colored head = orange/red eye. White head = dark, or bull, eye. This is a common coloration in domestic pigeons, called bald head.
  14. bird at lake los carneros

    Lots here in Orange County, Ca. Now called Scaly Breasted Munia.
  15. Geese

    I'd say a swan goose, which have those raised foreheads and longer, more arched necks. Called Chinese Geese in domestication. Canada's usually are considerably larger than Snow's.