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  1. That, or x domestic greylag.
  2. You can eliminate the parrotlet and the parakeet, as this is an Amazon Parrot.. It is a Black Billed Parrot
  3. Confirm House Finch

    Leaning Purple myself, for the same reason.
  4. Any guesses on this hawk (crow?)

    I see gold on the neck, and also a large beak. Eagle? I’m leaning to Golden also.
  5. Mallard Hybrid or Other Duck Species?

    There are domestic mallards with blue beaks, the Blue Swedish being one of them. Definitely all domestics or domestic crosses.
  6. Domestics and/or hybrids

    I dont see a goose, but , yes, the others are domestics.
  7. Athletes of the bird world, regularly racing from distances of 300 to 1000 miles.
  8. Domestic pigeons have regularly been crossed with ringneck doves, but in captivity. In the wild, it would be highly unlikely that they would with mourning doves.
  9. That is a domestic pigeon, probably a racing homer, which is the breed used in white dove releases.
  10. Hawk/Falcon outside New Orleans, LA

    I grew up, and lived, around New Orleans most of my life. Always looking for, and at, birds there. Never saw a Peregrine. Unique sighting, I guess.
  11. Help identify this bird

    Spectacular bird and photo...Welcome.
  12. What kind of bird is this?

    Looks like an Amazon. Could be a Mealy Amazon youngster.
  13. What type of large nest is this???

    Sandy hook sticks right out in the ocean, so yeah, probably an osprey. Is that a head sticking up out of the nest?