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  1. Unless you see some curled feathers above the tail(male), there is no other way to tell, unless internally. They can be sexed that way.
  2. One of the Chiffchaffs, perhaps?
  3. Welcome. Scaly Breasted Munia.
  4. Pretty sure that is simply a khaki with sunlight making it appear just a bit more yellow than they normally do. It's a common color variant in domestic mallard breeds. I believe it has also made its appearance in Muscovies. One breed of domestic mallard is actually called the Khaki Campbell.
  5. That's the problem with computer screens. Mine looks very yellow. Could be orange, yellow or even light green.
  6. The song doesn't sound quite right, but Orchard Oriole?
  7. Boo. Well, if those shingles on the roof are 12" long as I think they are, that would rule out a Giant Hungarian House Pigeon, unless a poorly bred one. It is probably one of the Trumpeter breeds. Size is right for an English Trumpeter, but no beak crest. Might be a cross of one of those breeds. Could also be a Russian Tumbler. Just so many breeds of domestics, and, unless they are show quality, very hard to tell some apart . At least I am somewhat, sort of, an expert on something, maybe.
  8. Agree, and gorgeous birds when they are in adult plumage.
  9. Appears to be very large in the photo? In that case, it looks very much like a turkey feather.
  10. Gulls are rough for me , but appears to be a Ring Bill Gull?
  11. Looks like a Common Blackbird to me.
  12. Looks to be, but the photo doesn't show good lighting on the breast. Common and black rumps are very similar, but commons have stronger barring on the breast. Both are introduced to the big island.
  13. It is an Indian species.
  14. I do believe you have a fledgling American Kestrel there....Mama was probably somewhere around. Might be best to put it back.
  15. Yeah, thats not a real bird.