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  1. Someone's escapee. It is a rock pigeon/domestic pigeon. Pied marking referred to as magpie marked w/white head. A flyer, no doubt, probably belonging to the Tumbler variety.
  2. Not sure what it is, but I lived in Covington for many years,, Have never heard of a Blackpoll Warbler nest anywhere that far south. They breed mostly in northern Canada.
  3. And, in So. Calif, pintail Whydahs are becoming established.
  4. Society finch...a domesticated finch that is often used as foster parent to Lady Gould, and other rare species of finches in captive flocks.
  5. Astrobirder is correct. The color is a combination of pied white flight and the incomplete factor known as toy stencil, which produces those bronze bars. The color factor (ex white flight) is a complicated one that involves 3 genetic factors in combination. In the first stage, the bars are oyster grey,, in the second stage, the combination of two of the factors, the bars are bronze as you see them here. In the third stage, or combo of all three factors the bars become white. It can result in white bars or lacing over the entire wing shield. This is probably an escaped bird, as the chances of these factors combining in nature are slim. The bird on my profile is the laced type. I know, too much info on a non birding matter.
  6. Looks like a Canada to me.
  7. I do concur. Quite a bird.
  8. Big Branch is a great place to see many species..including red cockaded woodpeckers, which are fairly rare today. Also my favorite, the Swallow Tail Kite. Used to live not far from there.
  9. That looks like a Violet Green to me, with the white going up behind, and over, the eye.
  10. You do know that there are a bunch of large lakes there in Clermont. I have a solution for your picture ID's. Throw that camera in one of those lakes.
  11. Let's just call these two, a pair of Bachman Warblers.
  12. Although not a bird I D site, some interesting articles I stumbled on while actually visiting here for the astronomy articles. Three here, presently, regarding bird populations. https://phys.org/news/2017-04-bird-population-vermont-forests-percent.html?utm_source=menu&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=item-menu
  13. Starlings? Or one of the hundreds of other birds that perch on wires.
  14. Yes, hard to confuse them with anything else, Nice bird.
  15. BTW, Chukars have been stocked in that part of the country, so probably one of the established population.