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  1. I took these photos on 11/4/17 in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic: Are these both cape may warblers?
  2. Hello, I took these photos on 9/23/17 in Anaheim CA. Any thoughts as to what kind of hummingbird? My initial thought is probably an Anna's hummingbird, but I do not have a lot of experience with hummingbirds on the west coast, so any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Taken in the last week of September, here are two horrible photos of a bird (I messed up on my settings and before I could fix, the bird was gone). I took these at Anaheim Coves Trail. Any thoughts?
  4. Warbler from a While Ago

    Thats why I said to wait for the experts Sorry, my screen is not showing good and I thought I saw a wingbar, but looking close I see it isnt.
  5. Warbler from a While Ago

    looks like a western tanager to me with some red on the head, dark wings with a bold white strip, and the range. (but I'd wait for an expert as well to confirm).
  6. Brewers Blackbird?

    Taken last week in Pasadena CA. Is this a brewers blackbird by chance? It is the closest thing I could find in my guide to match, but that face mask seems pretty bold. It almost reminded me of a rusty blackbird, bu the dark eye does not seem to match. I am sure I am off on this, but any help is appreciated.
  7. Hello, I took this picture last week in Anaheim CA. I was trying to ID this one and think it could be between Cassins and Western Kingbird, however I am not really seeing a definitive white tip at the tail or on the edges unless the lighting is messing with me (my field guide states that on western kingbirds this can be worn around this time of year). The coverts didnt seem very dark in the pictures, which had me leaning towards Cassins. Any thoughts? I had my first trip where I did any birding on the west coast last week so I am trying to get through them all but running into snags. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  8. Herring and Slaty-backed gull?

    Thank you Psweet. For my knowledge. What would be the main difference between the dark backed western gull vs slately-backed gull? Would they not be in the area at this time of year? Any key things to look at to help me distinguish between the two?
  9. Taken last week near Malibu Fishing Pier in Malibu CA. I was thinking herring gull for first picture and possibly slaty-backed gull for the 2nd and 3rd? Not sure how much lighting effecting the tones, but based my Sibleys guide, looks like it could match. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  10. Coopers Hawk

    I took this photo on in the 3rd week of September in Manchester CT. Correct to ID as Coopers Hawk correct?
  11. Coopers Hawk

    I took this photo on in the 3rd week of September in Manchester CT. Correct to ID as Coopers Hawk correct?
  12. Hummingbird - California

    Here are 2 pictures of a different hummingbird I got from behind. Same situation, but maybe these shots can at least help to determine the appropriate species for this bird?
  13. Hummingbird - California

    Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of the back. Thank you for your thoughts. It is very helpful.
  14. Hello, wondering if there is any way to tell for sure what kind of hummingbird this is based on just these three pictures. I have no west-coast experience, but I believe the 2 in question would be allens vs rufous. My understanding is that there is no real way to tell without the tail feathers being spread, but noting the location may (or may not) be of some help in having one be likely enough to single out? I took these last week in Fullerton CA. Thank you for any thoughts.
  15. warbling vireo?

    thank you all. I do see some yellow underneath if I look hard enough. is that what would make this philadelphia over warbling vireo?