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  1. Suet blocks

    I use C&S brand from Walmart and the birds eat most kinds that I have tried. I am from Baltimore Co MD. We get mostly woodpeckers at the suet feeders - hairy - downy and redbellied. They seem to eat the suet almost exclusively. Another common suet eater is the white-breasted nuthatch. I have pileated woodpecker around - hear them quite often but see them less often. Occasionally will land to peck at a stump in the back yard.. I put suet dough in two cage feeders attached to a seed feeder that I have Suet in two "log" feeders I made. ( small logs (3-4 inch diameter logs with about one inch diameter holes drilled in them.)
  2. flying squirrels

    I just heard from a friend in North Carolina - Charlotte area she put some suet out - in cages - and it attracted flying squirrels - who some how were able to get to all the suet ... has anyone heard of this...waiting for pictures dont have a date but assume in the last three months or so - Charlotte NC
  3. flying squirrels

    here is the picture of the flying squirrel ( one of many) that i was talking about. they swoop in and By the way, she has dozens of these critters at her home nearly every night. She says that they will consume 2-3 blocks of the woodpecker suet in a night's time! _ZMB1942 by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr
  4. flying squirrels

    BLACK SQUIRRELS Battle Creek Michigan had just about nothing but black squirrels.. When were there I was told that one of the Kellogg brothers had brought a breeding pair into Battle Creek and they got loose somehow. Was also told that they can be very territorial which was the reason almost all the squirrels in Battle Creek were black there a a lot of myths surrounding the Kellogg brothers ( yes of cereal and sanatorium fame) do dont know about this one
  5. Downy or hairy?

    with regard to the house vs purple finch - i was going back and forth and having a hard time deciding - but the females are much easier to tell apart in my opinion.. The female has strong facial markings where the female house finch is more uniformly tan
  6. flying squirrels

    the squirrel were in Stanley CO NC which is east of Charlotte. She lives in a large wooded lot. I passed on the suggestion to try hot pepper suet thank you all...and for the picture from Augusta...it was definitely flying squirrels she saw
  7. flying squirrels

    thank you..checking again about the area.....but from description definately not gray squirrels.....they were first thought to be bats. I will reconfirm location..thank you
  8. help to ID a brown bird

    birs seem to be coming back after a few months away - no new ones except cannot ID this one help please not sure by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr
  9. help to ID a brown bird

    is was not taking my location at all....kept saying invalid location...until i backed out and did work around of sorts - put in Baltimore then looked as sites there - some included parts of Baltimore county .. I played around with some until...wahlah....I could put in my address and it came up...so could enter it have not tried to go back and look but will do it now no the brown thrasher ( darn it easy to type trasher) was there - I did not see any listed that I have seen - well at this time of year thanks again
  10. help to ID a brown bird

    Thank you Charlie I can see the range map generated by other sighting and when I zoom in can see individual sightings a couple near my backyard ( 5-10 mile away) but still cannot enter my sighting..but thank you anyway...i will do some more research on this
  11. help to ID a brown bird

    when MerMaeve first suggested it I tried ebird...but could not seem to get it to accept the location - so that option is out I tried three areas of Baltimore County MD...but no luck
  12. help to ID a brown bird

    oh sorry i forgot to add that January 2, 2018 - Baltimore County MD (my back yard) and it was acting as i have never seen a bird behave - it would almost hop up then back down crashing its beak against the frozen ground. At first I thought it was trying to open a BOSS but no other bird used this technique - even those that took the seeds to a nearby tree did not have as much oomp in opening them. And then in all of the pictures i did take...never did see a seed,,,at least a whole one
  13. help to ID a brown bird

    thank you both guess i got confused by the grey on its cheeks.
  14. Tern, poss Elegant

    i am by far not an expert things like this but.....from what i can find. The elegant tern's bill is a bit turned down and sharper..possibly longer than the picture. The picture does fit an early summer royal tern...both the bill and the "shagginess". No date on the picture but perhaps in Mexico.....the royal tern would still be in this plummage
  15. Need help

    i tend to agree with mourning dove
  16. finch??

    thank you all.....just had never seen one this gray....well a new thing every day
  17. finch??

    saw this at my backyard birdfeeder...after weeks of nothing...then a thorough cleaning....looks like a finch of some sort but have ever seen one this grey. Cannot find it in any of my references. is it just a color anomoly? IMG_5607 by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr
  18. A Question

    I did put out only my smallest feeder...holds BOSS and did see one bird today...looked like a goldfinch but was pure grey. No suet yet though good luck to you all and i do hope they return
  19. A Question

    It seems if all the birds from my back yard have disappeared.....ALL of them The feeders have been full for almost a month now...weill take them down to clean them and add new but the suet, suet dough, BOSS and thistle seed are almost untouched. Just wondering if anyone else has had this experience
  20. A Question

    thank you....i have now brought all mine in and cleaned them all thoroughly. Will wait a week then put them out with fresh seed and my fingers crossed and hope yours return as well.. I do miss them Jim Carscadden
  21. Mt Rainier Accipiters

    Beautiful photos by the way.....only way i ever got any this good...were adult and juvenile red tailed hawks riding thermal with a deep blue sky!! nice job
  22. Can you help identify this albino bird?

    one comment....if it were a true albino..its eyes would be pink..or pinkish. I do not see that in the pics shown..possible extreme leucistic
  23. Where to hang a suet cage.

    well i so not have rats ( fingers crossed) but you are lucky that the squirrels gave up after only one try. Mine are a persistent bunch and just keep trying and trying till they make it. One will get on the feeder and eat...and the rest pick up the seed that falls our. But I have almost decided that for the little seed they do get....they are entertaining to watch as they "fall" from the branch above and try to grab hold of the feeder on the way past....about 30% of the time they are successful. Or sometimes they just leap from the trunk of the tree....at least 7 feet and land on top....some of the time. They are resilient little things....never seem to give up. And yes the mourning doves and other bird also eat the seed that falls on the ground...sometimes all together - squirrels - chipmunks - doves - chipping sparrows - cardinals and others..( so far no pest birds) but happy for you that things are working out
  24. Where to hang a suet cage.

    don't know what success you have had since the first post, but I got this idea from my brother-in-law. he took a log...big branch actually - no more than about 3 inches in diameter. drilled holes in it - about 1 to 1 1/4 inch diameter holes in the log. Enough for a full cake of suet. then hung it from a shepherds hook above as squirrel baffle...I get all sorts of woodpeckers and nuthatches and others occasionally Have been told that piliated woodpeckers find this to unstable to use but get downy, hairy, red bellied woodpeckers, nuthatches and the occasional flicker. it goes fast but have never seen anything but birds on it...lasts a week at the most oops just saw the log idea has been mentioned..and i do use the no melt suet in the log and suet dough in the suet cages that are affixed to one of my feeder.
  25. have not seen a third brood starting ...nor the adult bluebirds. Perhaps the sort of unsuccessful last one ( two dead fledglings in nest with no sign of trauma) have discouraged them. I have two bird boxes and they used both...perhaps off to greener pastures? hopefully next year but will report any new activity...I cleaned nest ad found dead fledgings at the beginning of July ( 2nd or 3rd) and have pictures of at least two hungry - presumably alive - fledgling from just two days before I opened the box and found the two dead.