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  1. 3 ducks - 1 hawk

    thank you both
  2. 3 ducks - 1 hawk

    saw all of this in Henderson Nevada on April 9, 2018, the hawk may be a red tail - have no idea about the three ducks....please help 1. red tail?? 2 duck 3 ?? 4. ??
  3. Bluebird House Question

    I am from Baltimore county and experienced those winds too. They did take down the feeders i had up for the goldfinch - I have since remedied that so fingers crossed it will not happen again I have two bluebird boxes - both Peterson i got from Walmart (other places had the exact same house for up to three times the price). Anyway both of mine are on trees - I used screws to mount a backboard that the longer screws that came with the box went into the backboard not the tree. So far so good...last year i had two broods..the first fully successful..the second - not so much but at least three did successfully leave the nest. The male blue bird kept watch over the box for the most part and chased away any thing it felt was ..intruding. I do agree though that the best means to mount them is on a pole...but if you cannot ..you cannot. As was said...face the opening away from the prevailing wind. I think you are correct. I would not worry that the screw will damage the tree ID..the tree is more than 5 times the length of the screw and the screw is not copper...not many of those but... and in most cased a tree that is thin would not be a good idea anyway..not stable enough even the the regular winds we get in Baltimore county
  4. agree with brewer due to tail and beak....would have expected a grackle to have a larger beak
  5. NE Florida - little birds are my bane

    thank you...
  6. Raven or Crow?

    from what I can find..yes the crow could be ruled out as they do not soar - ride the thermals - as described..and as creeker mentioned..the tail is rather distinctive as belonging to a raven
  7. NE Florida - little birds are my bane

    after checking several sources - the beak seems a bit long for a bluebird - but I too am a loss to ID it
  8. possibly a sparrow?

    Definitely agree with house finch..male and female...we have several pairs and the female purple finch has more distinct markings (eyebrow and ear patch) than the female house finch maybe you will get both and welcome...
  9. Need help cleaning a nyger feeder

    this year the goldfinchs are all over my black nylon sock and I agree...they seem to prefer it. I moved the two side by side and while i do not have a seed catcher - this morning i counted 18 goldfinches on the two socks and 6 on the ground.. So I do not think much is goint to waste. I dont seem to have a problem with my long (black) sock though I do as Summer Shadow suggests...rolling the sock. Also when it is time to refill - i let the old dry - even it it does not feel wet - and refill with fresh seed. and Yes I have started doing what Charlie Spencer suggested....buying a spare - short one...
  10. Neotropic or Double-crested Cormorant?

    thank you psweet
  11. Waterbird. Help with ID

    thank you IvoryBillHope
  12. Cooper’s?

    thank you for adding rationale
  13. Waterbird. Help with ID

    Hate to question but...seems the head is the wrong shape for a pied bill greeb - this one has a sloping fore not shown in my Guide (Breeding adult - brown over all with black ring around stout whitish bill . Winter birds lose the bill ring and chin is whitish (National Geographic) can you please add some rationale
  14. Neotropic or Double-crested Cormorant?

    only other cormorant that i can find that might appear near Houston is the neotropical one but it would have a white border to yellowish bill and pouch and as maghann noted the yellow patch it slightly different with neotropical agree with double crested
  15. Falcon/Hawk in northern Utah?

    agree with American Kestral - doulble facial bars are somewhat definitive
  16. White throated sparrow?

    i too agree with song sparrow - II don't believe the malar stripe would be as defined in the WTSP as in this bird...-
  17. Ibis ID Confirmation Please :)

    I vote for juvenile white faced but really could be either...Glossy considered rare but annual in Texas based in National Goegraphic..guess it depends on what part of Texas. But would think the glossy juvenile would have more : rust color above the legs EDIT..after looking further....retract my assessment....have seen a picture of juvenile glossy from another angle that looks much like your pic
  18. Cardinals

    Two days ago...while it was snowing here in Baltimore County (did not last the day)....i had at least a dozen pairs (male/female) cardinals in the back yard - have never seen that many before.....ever
  19. Help with this sparrow

    thank you...this kind of information really help when the bird does not seem to fall into a definite category shown in ID guides
  20. Help with this sparrow

    akiley - thank you - this kind of thing really helps when the bird seems not to fall into a definite type as shown in an ID guide
  21. Help with this sparrow

    Can you please add rationale for selection . not questioning it just trying to understand better
  22. What type of bird is this?

    eye color and beak should make the ID easier...BUT..sorry I cannot ID it either
  23. Bird ID - some type of thrush?

    presuming this was seen in North Carolina..I would lean toward the Wood Thrush but I too would need the front to be sure Edit...agree with TBN. was paying too close attenion to trying to see the front from the video and missed the tail
  24. warbler

    nice photo
  25. Bird at my Feeder in Land O Lakes, florida today

    agree..gray catbird...black cap and tail with gray body sort of definitive