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  1. Hi, I was only able to get one quick underside shot of this warbler before losing track of it. It was seen in Lake County Florida today, 9/13/17. Thanks as always for your help! warbler6 by Dave Baseball, on Flickr
  2. siouxland

    Warbler ID

    Thank you!!
  3. siouxland

    Warbler ID

    Hello, I managed to get a couple of poor photos of this warbler in the Tampa, FL area last week. I was thinking Blackburnian, but I wanted to make sure. Thanks in advance! warbler by Dave Baseball, on Flickr
  4. siouxland

    Bird from last summer in WY...

    Thanks for the pic posting help. I always forget which one to use...
  5. Hello, I saw this bird last August in Wyoming (Bighorn Mountains west of Buffalo, WY) and I just came across the picture today. Can anyone help me with the ID? I was only able to get just one pic. Thank you in advance! wyoming by Dave Baseball, on Flickr
  6. siouxland

    Peregrine Falcon? Poor photo

    Thanks so much everyone!
  7. I apologize for the poor photo. This bird was seen today (1/24/17) in Brevard County, FL near Cocoa Beach at around 2pm. I didn't get a good look at it through my bins for a positive ID. Thank you in advance! id by Dave Baseball, on Flickr <
  8. siouxland

    Wyoming summer bird

    Hello, I came across this picture I took on a trip this summer. The bird was located in the Bighorn mountains of Wyoming sometime in August. I hope the pic is good enough to ID the bird.....thanks for your help! https://flic.kr/p/Nuh2wL
  9. siouxland

    Warbler ID Help

    Thank you VB.
  10. siouxland

    Warbler ID Help

    Hello! I saw this warbler in Lake County, FL today (10/14). Can anyone help me ID it? Thank you in advance! https://flic.kr/p/N5vYAX
  11. siouxland

    Warbler/Vireo ID

    Thanks everyone! I did see some other Worm-eating Warblers there today, so that makes sense. The colors/lighting in that pic threw me off I think.
  12. siouxland

    Warbler/Vireo ID

    Hello, Unfortunately I was only able to get this one poor photo of this bird before losing sight of it. It was seen today (4/18) in Orlando, FL. Thank you very much for your help as always....https://flic.kr/p/FYGSsq
  13. siouxland

    Ash-throated Flycatcher?

    Thanks! It was at Lake May Reserve near Eustis, FL. That's about 15-20 miles north of Lake Apopka.
  14. Hello! Is this an Ash-throated Flycatcher? I saw this bird today (1/19/16) in Lake County Florida. Thanks for your help as always!! http://daveroorda1.wix.com/bird-id