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  1. This article and video is from back in March, but it's new to me so I'll share it for others that might not have seen it yet. http://www.azfamily.com/story/34656889/video-creepy-turkeys-circle-dead-cat-social-media-explodes-with-theories
  2. Don't worry about deleting your double posts, jhall251, you can't do it. Double posts are common but to keep all discussion in one post we usually mark one post as a double so all discussion is directed to the other post.
  3. Welcome to Whatbird, Goosie. I'm afraid that I have no advice on setting up your 2nd floor balcony for birds, other than pointing out that the Water Wiggler, and other similar products, are designed to prevent mosquitos from breeding in bird baths. Depending on your railing, you may be able to add a Deck Mount Bird Bath and use the water wiggler to attract birds without risk of mosquito breeding. Good luck with your project and once again, welcome to Whatbird. I'm not personally familiar with either product so I can't endorse them, just wanted you to be aware of their availability.
  4. No, it's not working yet.
  5. I use flickr, I find it the easiest site to navigate and the storage is virtually unlimited, there is a 1TB limit but that's a lot of photos worth of storage.
  6. I have no idea how Photobucket works, but it looks like you may have reached your maximum storage limit, or sharing limit if that's something different. I'd visit the website and see what the important info is, it might explain what's going on.
  7. @floraphile, this is what I am seeing. Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 10.23.33 AM by lonestranger102, on Flickr
  8. The hawk fledged from the eagle's nest Friday morning. I haven't found any video footage of the event but there are new photos and details posted on the above websites.
  9. This sounds like the Auto Save feature kicked in and posted it's last saved content. I have had similar problems getting rid of unwanted content from previous posts, usually with quotes that won't go away. Holding the command key down while right clicking on the content provides a few hidden options to remove content, at least it does with quoted content.
  10. Here's a link to the blog of a photographer that has been frequenting the nest. http://www.naturalimagescanada.ca/blog It looks like it won't be long before the hawklet fledges, speculation is that it could happen any day now.
  11. Welcome to Whatbird, Georgia5743. Your bird is an American Robin, a fairly common backyard visitor.
  12. What field marks do you see that contradict the OP's suspicion of chipping sparrow and point you towards savannah sparrow? I'm not qualified to ID a fledgling like this but I can learn from the discussion, providing that there is more than just guesses posted.
  13. Wow, @Sean C., you actually have the balls to stick your tongue out at someone like psweet, or anyone else, for posting an ID request? It's not like psweet was trying to determine whether his photo was a duck or a dove.
  14. @birdbrain22 and anyone else that might be interested, they're doing another live stream from the nest at 3pm EST, noon PST, this afternoon.
  15. Whatbird isn't really a photo storage site and everyone eventually has to find an alternative way to share photos. Using a website like flickr, imgur, etc., with their unlimited storage space would mean you could post as many ID photos as you wanted and never have to delete a photo, and the rest of us would better understand the discussion about said photos. Just upload the photos to an online storage site and then share them from there.