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  1. Tropical or Couch Kingbird?

    To post a photo from Flickr and have it show up in your post you just copy the BBCode from Flickr and paste the code directly into your post. The BBCode can be found by opening the image in Flickr and then clicking on the share link(curved arrow), to the lower right of the photo. When you click on the share link you will see different methods of sharing, click on the BBCode option, select your desired image size(medium is recommended), and then just copy the highlighted code and paste it into your post where you want the image to appear(before, after, or in the middle of your text). I hope that helps.
  2. What is the best photo site?

    There used to be a lot more storage than the 19.53 that shows as my limit. I checked My Attachments and I have 446 attachments. It doesn't show percentages but it says "You have used 129.56 MB of your 19.53 MB attachment limit." I never reached an upload limit until they dropped it below what was already uploaded. After seeing Google and Photobucket change their sharing policy and subsequently remove many good photos that were once shared here on Whatbird, I have to throw my endorsement behind Flickr as the best photo sharing site, both for storing my photos and viewing other's photos directly here in the forums.
  3. Share your best photo of the day!

    You're never going to get caught up if you keep posting the same pics twice.
  4. Coastal Oregon Deer

    I just did a quick search, @Cobal, and according to Oregon's Department of Fish and Wildlife, "Oregon's hoofed mammals include three sub-species of deer," consisting of Mule, Columbian Black-tailed, and Columbian White-tailed. I think it's safe to rule out the first two leaving Columbian White-tailed as your only other option. Having said that, I am from the east and have no experience with west coast wildlife and am offering my opinion based solely on the source of my information. https://myodfw.com/wildlife-viewing/species/hoofed-mammals
  5. Wednesday - Nature (PBS tv) - H is for Hawk

    Thanks for the heads up, @CanadianCodhead. PVR is scheduled for recording.
  6. Unk La Paz Costa Rica Hummingbird

    Welcome to Whatbird, Frugalbirders. I can't help with the ID but the easiest way to get around the upload limit is to host your photos on a third party site like Flickr, Imgur, etc., and then share the BBCode here at Whatbird. There's no size restriction for sharing photos that way and the higher resolution images make IDing a lot easier.
  7. Our new backyard

    I doubt that many gardeners would brag about this, but I'm not a gardener so I'm going to show off the thistle plant(tree) we grew this year. I estimated it's height at about about 7 feet tall. IMG_5783.CR2 by lonestranger102, on Flickr
  8. Text in some places not showing up

    I am seeing the notifications once again and the names that were missing from all of the quoted material is showing up for me now.
  9. Text in some places not showing up

    The notifications that pop up at the bottom of the screen to say that someone else has posted to the thread you're reading have been popping up blank for me lately. Usually I have the option of showing the new post(s) but lately I only get an X in the corner of the empty box to close it. No notification, no options, just a textless notification box popping up.
  10. Seaside / Saltmarsh Sparrows

    This is a duplicate post that has already been replied to. https://www.whatbird.com/forum/index.php?/topic/165694-seaside-saltmarsh-sparrows/
  11. White eyeline

    Thanks, The Bird Nuts. I over looked that one all together.
  12. White eyeline

    I'm not sure what I have here. Help, please. IMG_8967 by lonestranger102, on Flickr IMG_8970 by lonestranger102, on Flickr
  13. Yellow coming in

    Thanks for the comparison shot, Gis. It definitely adds support to the Wilson's possibility.
  14. Yellow coming in

    Thanks guys, I kind of thought this might be a questionable ID. Thanks for looking.
  15. Yellow coming in

    Who is this warbler going to be once the yellow is all grown in? IMG_7727 by lonestranger102, on Flickr IMG_7725 by lonestranger102, on Flickr