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  1. It's sad, but let nature takes its course. The parents abandoned the goslings for a good reason.
  2. As a paramedic, I say this with absolute conviction: NEVER CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT FOR THIS KIND OF THING!! Their duty is to protect HUMAN life. Just imagine how you'd feel if your loved one died because the fire department was trying to rescue a gosling off of a roof instead of responding to his/her 911 call.
  3. Go to reportband.gov and fill out the form. You can submit photos, too. If they figure out which individual it is, they will send you a cool Certificate of Appreciation and they'll tell you info about the bird.
  4. Lisa

    Yellow-rumped Warbler?

    You don't need to see the yellow rump when you can see the yellow wingpits!
  5. Lisa

    Cackling or Canada?

    Definitely Lesser CANGs. Cacklers are one of those species that when you see one, you'll just know.
  6. Lisa


    Don't ignore all the other diagnostic field marks just because one is off. The short tail alone is almost enough to make the ID. But add that to the slender build, facial pattern, and flank streaking, and this can't be anything other than a SAVS.
  7. Lisa

    South TX: Myiarchus flycatcher

    Bumpin' for ya.
  8. Lisa

    Anyone know gulls?

    @psweet, help!
  9. Lisa

    Greater Scaup?

    Head shape isn't always reliable because it changes as the duck prepares to dive or surfaces. Since we weren't there, we can't know what this duck was doing at the time the photo was taken.
  10. Lisa

    Fish Crow ?

    I would say no, not on the wing, not even if you had FICR and AMCR flying together.
  11. That white bar is diagnostic so this is one of the easier ducks to ID.
  12. Lisa

    What do we think?

    I would hope it would be in the hand because setting a taxidermy out on a lake seems pretty stupid! There must've been a good reason they went with Ring-necked instead of Ring-billed; maybe there was a species already called that but it's been forgotten over time and ABA meddling.
  13. Lisa

    colorado sparrow help please

    Don't ignore all the other confirming field marks when one is a bit off. Even if it had no tail, this is still a SOSP.
  14. Lisa

    Stilt Sandpiper in GA?

    Lesson learned: don't dismiss your own ID just because someone "more experienced" ID it as something else.
  15. Lisa

    South TX: Bullock's Orioles?

    Three hours isn't long enough for a bump.