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  1. Vireo or Warbler? Lakeside, CA 20-2118

    This was in my sister's yard on Rattlesnake Hill
  2. Squaw Lake, CA Sparrow and ? duck 2-21-18

    The photos were taken 1 min apart in the same location following the bird in the brush. Here is the only other photo I took.
  3. Davis Mntn Sp, tX 3-05-18

  4. Red tail? Sparrow? Titmouse or gnatcatcher?
  5. Mallard mix? Swamp sparrow?
  6. I'm a novice and I thought it might be a shrike. I was just curious as to what else you thought it might be. Post-juvenile Black-throated Sparrows are pretty distinctive.
  7. 1. 2. Mockingbird or flycatcher? 3. What is this mean looking bird?
  8. 2 different sparrows?

    Salineno, TX 3-12-18 These 2 pics were taken about 10 minutes apart and 50 yards from each other
  9. 4 photos of bird unable to ID from AZ

    I wonder what he was doing in Organ Pipe Cactus Park in AZ. ?
  10. Thank you, everyone. I was leaning towards that but I keep second-guessing myself.