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  1. I believe this to be a pickerel frog, but not 100% sure. Confirmation requested. Thank you! Image taken on 9/9/2007 Pine Barrens of Southern NJ
  2. PhillymanPete

    Solitary Sandpiper ?

    I am pretty darn sure this is a Solitary Sandpiper. The conspicuous white eye ring, clearly barred tail, and buff streaking on upper breast. If my ID is correct, this will be a life bird for me. Confirmation requested. Thank you. THIS IS THE SECOND TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME WITH PHOTOBUCKET. MY APOLOGIES. I AM WORKING TO FIND ANOTHER IMAGE HOSTING SITE AND WILL UPDATE THIS POST WITH A PICTURE VERY SOON. Image taken in Southeastern PA on 8/26/17
  3. Found this guy in the forest, and am not up on my toad or frog species ID. I am more of a bird photographer. Anyway, what say you? Image taken 8/5/2017 in South Eastern PA.
  4. It can be difficult, at least for me, to distinguish between Yellow-crowned and Night-crowned chicks/juveniles. So, is this a YC or BC juvenile? I say YC, but that is with about 60% confidence on this one. Image taken in Southern New Jersey on July 30th. Thanks in Advance for your Help!
  5. PhillymanPete

    Skipper ID Please

    I am terrible identifying skipper butterflies, even after studying field guides. My best guess with this one is a Zabulon Skipper, but that is not with much confidence. Image taken in SE Penna., 7/15/17 I AM SORRY BUT CANNOT EMBED A PHOTOBUCKET LINK ANYMORE WITHOUT PAYING THEM. PLEASE DELETE POST. I WILL REPOST WHEN I GET A NEW HOSTING SITE.
  6. PhillymanPete

    Flycatcher ID Requested

    I always have trouble differentiating between an Eastern Phoebe and the Eastern Wood Pewee. I believe this to be an Eastern Phoebe given the underside of the bill is yellow as opposed to black. Correct? Image taken 6/18/2017 in SE PA. Thank you!
  7. So, I am really, really on the fence in regard to the ID of this bird. I think that its body appears to be turning toward a YC but its face and bill is leading me toward BC. Let me know your thoughts? Thanks in advance. Image taken today in Ocean City, NJ at the Rookery behind the Visitor's Center.
  8. PhillymanPete

    Veery ?

    I am quite confident that this is a Veery. Please confirm. Thank you! Image taken on 5/6/2017 in Southern New Jersey:
  9. PhillymanPete

    Long-tailed Duck...

    Is this a Long-tailed drake in eclipse plumage or a hen. I am heavily leaning toward the former... Image taken in early February at the Barnegat Jetty in Southern NJ: Thank you!
  10. PhillymanPete

    Common Pochard ?

    There has been some debate among my friends in regard to the species of duck in the photo below. Some say it is Common Pochard others a hybrid between a Canvasback and a Red-head duck. Hoping a waterfowl/duck expert can chime in and provide a definitive answer (if possible). Image taken on February 19, 2017 on the Choptank River in Cambridge, MD
  11. PhillymanPete

    Sea Duck ID

    Female Surf Scooter? Barnegat Light, NJ ~ 1/12/2017
  12. PhillymanPete

    Waterfowl ID

    Thank you very much!
  13. PhillymanPete

    Waterfowl ID

    Based on my research, I am near 100% certain this is a Gadwall Drake. Believe it or not, this is my first encounter with this waterfowl species. Confirmed Gadwall Drake?
  14. PhillymanPete

    Sparrow ID

    First inclination is Savannah Sparrow, but that is not a strong opinion. There were a couple of these sparrows mixed with a large number of Juncos. They were feeding on the ground. What say you? Image taken 11/6/2016 in Southern New Jersey, USA Thanks.