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  1. Scarlet Tanager (female)?

    Thanks much all, I misjudged size.
  2. Photos 16 Sep 2017 at the edge of a meadow. Is this a Scarlet Tanager (female)?
  3. I didn't know there was such a thing as a Western PAWA nor would I have expected to find one in Illinois, THANKS MUCH!
  4. Need Help Identifying these birds!

    I look first to structure and second to plumage and color.
  5. Need Help Identifying these birds!

    Is it common for Hairy's to have bills about half the depth of the head?
  6. Need Help Identifying these birds!

    Downy Woodpecker (adult male) and Gray Catbird. The bill of the woodpecker is much shorter than the depth of the head and there is no shoulder spur visible.
  7. Today on a grassy hill in northeastern Illinois. Is this Palm Warbler immature or is it an adult in non-breeding plumage? I'm leaning towards the latter based on behavior. It adroitly used a chain link fence to keep itself separated from an American Kestrel that was trying to catch it, first on one side of the fence and then the other side. The warbler chipped the whole time, as if teasing the kestrel.
  8. White-eyed Vireo?

    Thanks psweet!
  9. White-eyed Vireo?

    10 Sep 2017 in shrubs in a forest preserve in northeastern Illinois. Is this a White-eyed Vireo? Audio - 21 seconds on Clyp.It.
  10. Cooper's Hawk?

  11. Savannah Sparrow?

  12. Savannah Sparrow?

    Thanks! I was assuming immature because the yellow over the eye was not very pronounced, even when the bird was not backlit.
  13. Cooper's Hawk?

    Photo on a grassy hilltop in northeastern Illinois 1 Sep 2017: Is this a Cooper's Hawk?
  14. Savannah Sparrow?

    In a field in northeastern Illinois on 1 Sep 2017: Is this a Savannah Sparrow? Is it immature?
  15. Recorded 26 Aug 2017 from dense reeds in a marsh in northeastern Illinois. Viewed were Sora, Green Heron, Pied-billed Grebe, Mallard, and Least Bittern (juvenile and adult). 40 seconds on Clyp.It. Ignore American Goldfinch.