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  1. More SF shorebirds

    24 Oct 2017, San Francisco Bay, CA Bird 1: Leg color made me think of Yellowlegs, and the bill length makes me think Greater, but the bill seems thick and downturned. 24 Oct 2017, San Francisco Bay, CA Bird #2: Not sure if this is the same individual or not. Bird 3: Long-billed Dowitcher? Over a freshwater lake about 1 mile from the ocean in San Francisco County on 24 October 2017.
  2. Shorebirds in San Francisco Bay

    Thanks! I have plenty of photos of Willets and Least Sandpipers from this outing, so I'll just forget about IDing the two obscured birds on the left. For the large looking peeps, any thoughts on what else might they be if not Least Sandpipers?
  3. San Francisco Bay, 24 Oct 2017. On the far left I think I see a Willet. Going right from there is a Least Sandpiper, a Long-billed Curlew in the front, and then another Least Sandpiper on the ground. I'm not confident about the flying bird - is it a Dunlin (downcurved bill)? And what is the bird on the right? The bill looks like that of a plover but the bird seems too large. Here's another photo of the bird on the right, along with two Least Sandpiper:
  4. Hutton's Vireo?

    Is this a Hutton's Vireo or a Ruby-crowned Kinglet? I'm leaning towards HUVI due to partial eyering, thicker bill, and lighter back. Maricopa County, Arizona, 25 Oct 2017.
  5. Maricopa County, AZ, 26 Oct 2017. This bird shot out of some low trees and disappeared quickly so this is the only photo. The angle and lighting make it difficult but I'm leaning SSHA (immature) due to messy streaking on the breast, bug-eyes that are yellow, and an apparently shorter tail.
  6. Poor photo, AZ

    Thanks all!
  7. Poor photo, AZ

    Only photo - this was a high-speed flyby.
  8. Poor photo, AZ

    Maricopa County, Arizona 25 Oct 2017
  9. 6 in AZ

    You are welcome to do so!
  10. 6 in AZ

    Here are more photos of bird #3:
  11. 6 in AZ

    https://www.google.com/maps/place/33°21'43.5"N+111°44'01.4"W/@33.362093,-111.7359197,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d33.362093!4d-111.733731 Within 100' of that marker.
  12. 6 in AZ

    Photos today in Phoenix, AZ. (Riparian Preserve at Gilbert Water Ranch). Bird 1: Anna's Hummingbird? Bird 2: Anna's Hummingbird? Bird 3: Orange-crowned Warbler? Bird 4: Orange-crowned Warbler? Bird 5 & 6: Not sure if these are the same individual:
  13. CA Birds

    Photos over the last 3 days in the San Francisco, CA area. Bird 1: Is this a Heerman's Gull? (at Marin headlands) Bird 2: Common Tern? SF Bay. Bird 3: Eared Grebe or Horned Grebe (non-breeding plumage)? Lake in SF. Bird 4: Is this immature Red-tailed Hawk a western)? (Drying wings after rain)
  14. northern-goshawk ?

    On a Northern Goshawk: The body would be less tapered. The head would not appear to be as large relative to the body. The tail would be wider. Streaking would be heavier and more dense and go farther down towards the tail.