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  1. Raptor

    Looks like there's a need for WhatArtillery.com. Definitely an unusual perch. And is that some old bird nest in the end of the barrel? Would make a prime nest site for some species.
  2. Juvenile Red Cross Bill????!!!!

    "A new species of bird, the Galapagos 'big bird', has arisen on the pacific islands within just two generations of breeding. Scientists made the discovery by observing Darwin's finches, named for their influence on the work of the evolutionary biologist." Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5111895/New-species-develop-little-two-generations.html#ixzz515o8tViU One wonders how long it will take some finches to evolve bills better suited to bird feeders... although their current ones seem to do just fine.
  3. Distant raptor in VT

    Agree on Harrier. Maybe 98.3%. What else would have such a long tail and wings like that in Vermont?
  4. Surf scoter confirmation

    Congrats on your lifer! The two birds on the left look good for Surfs. I think the other one is too as I have seen a first year bird with that head pattern but not 100% on that one. Does look like a Black Scoter but it appears to have a Surf bill. That said, best to get some more confirmations before celebrating too much.
  5. Unknown

    From what I can see the bird second from the left looks like a male Mallard so maybe they all are... ?
  6. Sandhill Cranes?

    I think so too. Their early ancestors likely were. As for the latest version: "A crane fossil found in Nebraska from the Pliocene period (5.3-2.6 million years ago) may be structurally identical to the modern Sandhill Crane, possibly making it one of the oldest known bird species still surviving!" https://www.savingcranes.org/species-field-guide/sandhill-crane/ They (Greater SACR) recently expanded their breeding range north to our area and now regularly nest on our property so I have been lucky enough to hear them many, many times - and had all sorts of great close views as they have become more habituated. Now they forage right in front of our house sometimes! And even when you can't see them you can hear them a mile away under the right conditions. Needless to say, one of my favourite birds.
  7. Mystery Bird, Please Help

    Wouldn't be on a nest in October or in that location (they nest in marshes). Probably injured or sick.
  8. Sandhill Cranes?

    I hope you get to hear one if you haven't already. Very powerful and primeval sound.
  9. Leucistic Canada goose?

    Strange bird. Besides those white flecks, to me it looks like it has an exceptionally short neck and small head. ???
  10. Another Need I.D. Help

    Wow. Congratulations to psweet for that ID and to darknight for finding the actual source of that photo. Obviously not a great idea to use "looked like" photos!
  11. Mystery bird, WA

    That crossed my mind too darknight, if, as I hinted, that bird was actually larger than "warbler-sized." Definitely 'black' with a pointed bill, and definitely there in winter (or any time).
  12. Washington Sandpipers

    The last photo looks good for a Least (note yellow legs). The two birds in the foreground in the second last photo look good for Westerns (note black legs, dropping bill and rufous touch on shoulders and crown) and the one in the middle behind them looks like one too. Looks like Least in the second photo (think I can see yellow legs on those too). To double check on the yellow legs, reload those photos and crank up the colour and it will show up better. Can't say much with any confidence about the birds in the other photos but they look like mostly Leasts. Don't see anything that suggests a Red-necked Stint but there are lots of birds there that aren't clear enough to ID.
  13. Not sure.....

    I agree that this is a Brewer's. With female eyes and male plumage. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  14. Mystery bird, WA

    A photo is worth many words and memories so please attach if possible. Also, ditto on The Bird Nuts other questions above. In the meantime, "a pointed bill, not a sparrow bill" would theoretically rule out a Junco - if you saw that clearly. They're sparrows. You could have Slate-colored or 'Cassiar' juncos there in winter. They look "black, or almost black" and are close to "warbler-sized." But they also have white tail edges that are very conspicuous when they flush and that would be hard to miss. I can't think of any other "warbler-sized" birds that you would expect to find there now. More possibilities if it was larger.
  15. Vesper Sparrow?

    Big eye ring, white border around face patch and all else I can see look good for a Vesper. I am surprised they would be rare in NM.