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  1. Ducks

    A wigeon's head has a noticeably different shape compared to a Mallard... if you had a good look at it.
  2. A warbler and a couple sparrows

    I think #2 is a young White-crowned Sparrow. Seems to have too many markings on its face for a Golden-crowned. But it is a pretty scruffy looking bird in general. Edit: And agree on Fox and that looks like a Ruby-crowned Kinglet to me. Think the bill is right for one versus Hutton's.
  3. Any ideas on this immature bird?

    I have never seen a Kentucky Warbler but I just looked in the Peterson 'Warblers' book (Dunn & Garrett) and would say that their illustrations of male and female first year birds are very similar to this bird. Given the messy stage of this bird's developing plumage they are not an exact match but close. The only problem is that this bird appears to have a relatively long tail and the warbler book describes (and shows) it as "short-tailed." Book says they're in "shaded deciduous forests" so that seems to fit. Also says they are usually "on or near the ground" which may be a clue. Was it? In any case, this a perfect excuse for going back there next year to find one. Probably a great spot in the bird song season.
  4. Pectoral Sandpiper ?

    Congrats on the lifer.
  5. Pectoral Sandpiper ?

    Yes indeed.
  6. Harris's Sparrow?

    Definitely is one, and a nice photo too.
  7. Any ideas on this immature bird?

    With that bill it looks like some kind of oriole. But that's just a guess. It doesn't look like any young (or old) Yellow Warbler that I have ever seen.
  8. I am constantly impressed with the knowledge level of darknight and psweet. Seems to cover birds from everywhere!
  9. Meadowlark?

    Agree on both IDs. And don't worry, you will see much worse photos than this one on this forum!
  10. confirmations, please

    Agree with The Bird Nuts, including the question about the Yellowthroat. Young males usually show the beginnings, at least, of their black face patch by now.
  11. cooper's or sharpie?

    I think it is a Cooper's too. Tail looks too long and head too big for a Sharpie. Plus I think in the second shot that you can see a Coop head pattern. But I could be wrong, again!
  12. Thrush

    What "The Bird Nuts" said. Can see why one might think that is a Swainson's but can't say from that photo. It is also getting very late for Swainson's though maybe they linger longer in southern Ontario.
  13. Warbler help

    Some Orange-crowned Warblers in the West would fit that description. But not sure which types you get there.
  14. A Few Raptors

    I don't think #2 is a Turkey Vulture. You caught that bird in a TUVU posture but its head is too big and it is the wrong colour. More likely it is a immature Bald Eagle but can't say for sure from that photo.
  15. Swamp Sparrow Question

    That's a very colourful individual overall. The ones we get are almost all a lot duller than that one.