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  1. douginBC

    Mystery Among Lesser Goldfinches?

    Looks like a Pine Siskin, if that bill is as straight and pointy as it appears.
  2. douginBC

    Sandpiper in Tampa

    Looks like a Spotted Sandpiper to me.
  3. douginBC

    Least or Western Sandpipers?

    That's what I was thinking too. Looks to colorless and a bit too big for a Western so I went with that... but not 100% so no regrets even if wrong!
  4. douginBC

    White throated sparrow?

    No, it isn't a WT Sparrow... think it is a very crisp/clean looking Song Sparrow but not 100% sure on that.
  5. douginBC

    Dark streaked pipit

    Some photos here shows the streaked back. https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S42191808 https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S42392520 Edit: Just went back and looked at your photos and I am no longer sure you didn't catch this bird. The streaking is VERY faded on this bird. So now I'm thinking that it does look like some of your photos have legs and other features that fit - for example your #8 (of 16) photo. In other words, I think you have it. If you are an eBirder - or even if you do not do that regularly - you could send in your record with photos for final confirmation.
  6. douginBC

    Least or Western Sandpipers?

    I think you have both. Least in the foreground (yellow legs) and Western (black legs). P.S. I'm not 100% sure on the latter.
  7. I can sure see why you think that is what that is! Seems to have features of both. So I would GUESS that is what it is... but hope that some hybrid goose expert will weigh in. Must say, that is one of the weirdest geese I have ever seen (including in photos). Even its feet are weird!
  8. Agree on your points psweet except that the bill looks a bit big for a Swainson's.
  9. douginBC

    Dark streaked pipit

    I don't see the streaks on its back that a RT Pipit should have. Think it is an American.
  10. douginBC

    Recent Raptors

    Correct on both.
  11. douginBC

    raptors sparrows swifts & mammals

    "In 2017, a reproducing population of nutria was discovered in California’s San Joaquin Valley; as of February 2018, nutria have been confirmed in Stanislaus, Tuolumne, Merced, and Fresno counties." https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/Conservation/Invasives/Species/Nutria Looks like a muskrat to me too - they live on our property so see them a lot - but nutrias are in California again now so I wondered about this critter.
  12. douginBC

    Cassin's Finch? SE AZ

    Yes, it is a Cassin's. Eye ring, straight (compared to Purple) dagger like bill, fine streaking on breast, streaks on undertail coverts (barely visible in first photo)... but it could be a young male not a female.
  13. douginBC


    Definitely a Cassin's. More likely a young male with that warm color showing.
  14. douginBC


    You are correct.