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  1. Definitely agree on Great Blue Heron.
  2. Indeed! There are a few supposed 'species' like that.
  3. That's a Western Kingbird. Or maybe some other kind of Kingbird that is down there that I don't know.
  4. I think - but definitely do not know - that is probably a hybrid. I had the same question about one that looked like this one and that was the conclusion of the people I asked who had seen them often. The one I saw had the same face pattern with a slightly less bright bill.
  5. The first one is a Say's Phoebe.
  6. OK. I won't tell you.
  7. Agree on Dowitchers. The fun part is which kind.
  8. With that eye ring and the colors that can be seen I think Sor A. got it.
  9. Nice photos of nice birds. For the Dunlin it is amazing how much more beautiful they are in breeding plumage.
  10. Agree on Traill's and in that location almost certainly a Willow. Every Pacific-slope I have ever seen had a very conspicuous teardrop eye ring and that bird barely has one. Also agree that it is a very greenish one but I only see the interior types so maybe that's more normal on the coast. The most greenish Traill's we get are Alders, and even then can't make that ID unless they sing or call.
  11. "po-LICE" Interesting how birds songs sound to different people. I always think of Pacific-slopes as "su-weet" but now your description works too. Definitely second psweet's xeno-canto recommendation. Really fantastic resource.
  12. Yes it is. In Massachusetts!!! Here's one in my avatar to compare.
  13. Agree on Least. Despite the harsh lighting and overexposure you can see some brown on it.
  14. Why isn't it a Herring Gull?
  15. Definitely a (male) Downy. P.S. Hairy Woodpeckers have larger wings :-).