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  1. Help with another hawk ID

    Agree on the ID. But have to laugh at the sign it is perching above because I'm guessing that bird is going to ignore those rules and 'harass' any small creature it can.
  2. Just looked and the Sav and Fox photos (and 2 more) have been removed. There were originally 16 photos, now there are 12.
  3. Red-tailed Hawk subspecies

    Agree on your ID.
  4. All Songs except one Savannah (big photo, last number digits = 81) and one Fox (last photo).
  5. Yes it can be. LB typically have more black than white on their tail feathers and vice versa for SB - though this is not very useful on the Pacific coast where there is too much overlap with the SB population there. But it is more useful where you are and that would appear to indicate that this is a LB (note the tail feathers not the feathers above them). That said, these things are a very tough call in this plumage and I hope someone else will weigh in on this for you because I can only call it a Dowitcher. Sorry.
  6. please confirm ring-necked duck

    I have quite a lot of experience with these species and definitely agree with JacksonBounds regarding the difficulty on ID. The face pattern looks better for BW Teal but the overall color looks better for Cinnamons... and we can't see the most reliable feature, the bill. So I don't think it is possible to say with any certainty in this case, though we can say they are not RN Ducks. P.S. I don't even know if male teal can tell the difference sometimes as I have seen - several times - both a male BWTE and male CITE courting and squabbling over the same female. Makes me wonder why hybrids are not more common.
  7. Please ID this sparrow from today

    Hmm. Face pattern looks pretty strong, eyebrow too warm colored and crown too "rufousy" for a Brewer's, and that gray nape doesn't fit Brewer's either. Looks more like a Chipping Sparrow to me, maybe with the lore in front of the eye washed out by the lighting.
  8. Any guesses on this hawk (crow?)

    Agree on Golden Eagle.
  9. Owl ID

    Agree on Saw-whet. See my avatar for a comparison to a Boreal. If you have seen a SW Owl before Boreals appear much larger and bulkier.
  10. what kind of Junco is this?

    I would simply call it a Dark-eyed Junco. That is all you can say with any certainty.
  11. what kind of Junco is this?

    The apparent range of the 'Cassiar' certainly suggests that is what they are; it is where the SC and Oregon ranges overlap. Where I live and bird Oregons are a very common breeding species. Last year I had the first confirmed 'Cassiar' (confirmed with lots photos and by other birders on this site and elsewhere including eBird) visiting the feeder. It was a male. (It looked at first glance like a SC but on closer inspection its head and hood was distinctly blacker than its body.) Most interesting was that it paired with a female Oregon, nested and produced young. So 'intergrade' seems to be the right word for them.
  12. Wich Dowitcher?

    From: Shorebirds of the Pacific Northwest (Paulson 1993, UBC Press): re tail barring: "However, Pacific coast dowitchers overlap considerably in this characteristic, more than the recent literature would imply." As far as I know, this book is still the 'Bible' on this topic so I accept this information and what it means for trying to ID these birds.
  13. Which flycatcher??

    Agree. Looks like an exceptionally yellow one but all else looks dead on for one.
  14. Wich Dowitcher?

    Dowitcher. Can't see anything here that could provide any more specific ID.
  15. what kind of Junco is this?