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  1. Flycatcher ID Help

    I think they are all WW Peewees. The first one is a tougher call but it has the long wings and tail for that too and is definitely not an Olive-sided, Dusky or Hammond's.
  2. Alders Flycatcher ? - Western Mass

    Not sure about MASS but here in SE BC (N of Golden) where their ranges overlap they are found breeding in the same areas with the Alders tending to be in areas with taller and thicker shrubbery. Great opportunity to learn and compare their songs and call notes.
  3. Yellow-bellied Flycatcher confirmation

    Haha. First I must convince myself! Then it is on to the eBird reviewer. In the meantime I'm hoping to get some feedback from other BC birders on whether or not they have seen Western - I mean Pac-slope - flycatchers with such smooth eye rings. Thanks again for that link, your help and your caution.
  4. Yellow-bellied Flycatcher confirmation

    Thanks again psweet. Looked at that paper. Definitely have no photos good enough to see that difference. Agree on the ID challenge! Wish they would sing or at least call all year. When they are silent they usually end up unidentified by me unless I get a really, really good look and, preferably, get some photos to study. Even then, for the most obvious example, all silent Traill's are Traill's. Back to this bird, that very smooth eye ring still has me thinking YB over Pac-slope...
  5. Least or Semipalmated?

    I think the bill is at the long extreme for Semis - in my experience - just to make it more complicated.
  6. A few peeps

    That's one feature that makes me think Semi: short and straight. The overall light look, pattern on head and breast too. Plus it doesn't have the hunchback look like the Western (which shows most on the one on the left). How do you embed those handy pointers on that photo?
  7. A few peeps

    I think the one on the right is a Semipalmated Sandpiper, the one in the middle (and probably on the left) is a Western.
  8. Yellow-bellied Flycatcher confirmation

    Thanks psweet. I sort of ruled out Pac-slope because I have never seen one - and I have seen a lot of them - with a round eye ring; always had a very conspicuous tear drop shape. Also this bird's tail looks too short for one. In the meantime I'll squint again at my not-good photos and seen in any show the "closed wing" but I don't think so. What would be the difference? P.S. This bird was silent.
  9. Good one. Took me longer for the gray but since about that age I have had to wear conspicuous eye rings to see properly.
  10. First, thanks to psweet for answering my question about possible gray on worn YB Flycatchers. I've put 4 (bad) photos on Flickr hoping for further confirmation. Here's the links - which just 'automatically imbedded' as photos so maybe they'll show up immediately when I post this? Bird seen August 12 north of Golden in SE British Columbia. I see a yellow throat, strong eye ring, short tail and dark wings, etc. but the head sure looks gray. Would appreciate some confirmation, or not, before doing my eBird entry for it. Thanks! Edit: Oops, posted two of the same shot; adding the other one, which may be the most useful one:
  11. Do some worn Yellow-bellied Flycatchers at this time of year appear to have grayish heads? Today I saw an Emp flitting around in and on the edge of a thicket. Everything about it fit a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher except that its head and nape looked too gray. Otherwise it had a yellow throat, strong eye ring, olive back, short tail and bill that looked right. I managed to get some very poor record photos but before I post them for a squint-fest I just thought I would ask first. Location is SE British Columbia but have had a prior confirmed August YBFL here. Thanks!
  12. Kingbird Question

    I agree that its head does look dark and its belly very bright yellow for a Western Kingbird. But that's about all I can add to this.
  13. Baby birds

    First one looks more like a rail. Second one looks like a Lincoln's Sparrow - but definitely not sure about this.
  14. Finch ID

    This is a bit of a tricky one. The streaking looks more like a House Finch but I think it is a male Purple Finch - probably immature bird just turning red this year - because, most obviously, it has a forked tail and an almost entirely red head.
  15. Looks like a Rock Wren to me. Maybe a young one.