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  1. Thanks ...I thought so...but was not sure
  2. What do think about this raptor....
  3. Is the linked photo a Coopers Hawk or Sharp-shinned? I think it's a Cooper's Hawk due to the more rounded tail....what to you think? Thanks, Prem
  4. This Bird was seen in Southern Ontario, Canada , in May this year.....looks like a type of flycatcher? what do you all think? see link:
  5. Just want to confirm which species of Thrush you all think this is? see link below thanks
  6. I think I fixed the Link now....sorry
  7. Which species do you think this is. photo taken in London, England in april 2015 Chiffchaff? Wood Warbler? Willow Warbler?
  8. Thanks for the input everyone, Upon further reflection I agree that is it a Semipalmated Sandpiper.
  9. This Bird was seen August 30th this year at Presqu'ile provincial Park near Brighton, Ontario Canada. I have trouble with id's of peeps (sandpipers) Anyone know which species this is? Thanks,
  10. Wondering if this is maybe a Least flycatchr or something else? Was seen in May in Southern Ontario, Canada. See Link for Bigger photo:
  11. Thanks! I thought so, just needed some confirmation!
  12. Photo taken in May at Presqu'ile Provincial Park in Southern Ontario, Canada.
  13. Thanks for the Welcome and the Id Help ant_anks! I thinks you might be right about it being a female Bobolink