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  1. 1) Swainsons Thrush 2) Flycatcher species? 3) Palm Warbler 4) Common Yellowthroat Warbler 5) Sparrow species 6) Sparrow Species Duluth , MN today Thanks!
  2. Duluth, MN today. Almost ran this poor guy over with a lawn mower (wasn't running) he didn't want to fly away. I'm guessing a fledgling from this year. Chipping sparrow?
  3. Warbler help!

  4. Warbler help!

    Grand Marais, MN 1) 2) Thanks!
  5. Sandpiper help!

    Duluth, MN today. 1) 2) yellowlegs? 3) pectoral? 4)pectoral?
  6. Sparrow help

    Today Zimmerman, MN.
  7. Wren type?

    sherburne nwr today Zimmerman mn. It isn't a house wren. Marsh or sedge? Thanks
  8. What birds?

    I thought it was a lot larger with a lot more prominent white streaks. Thanks!
  9. What birds?

    What do I have here? Duluth, MN today?
  10. Was hiking in Duluth, MN and about 30 ft up in a 1.5 to 2 inch hole in a birch tree was a couple baby birds chirping for food. Is there anyway to know what they are? There were some yellow bellied sapsuckers in the area but nothing came to feed them in the time we waited. Thanks!
  11. I'm leaning towards house finch but it just looks off to me...sat at my feeder for 30 minutes!
  12. 1) Least Flycatcher? 2) Swainson's Thrush? 3) Swainson's Thrush? 4) Swainson's Thrush? All were taken in MN last weekend at 3 different parks in the twin cities area. Thanks!
  13. Willet?

    Duluth, MN today
  14. Warbler help

    Blaine, mn today
  15. Bird sound Help

    Eloise Butler Bird Sanctuary, MN yesterday. I am trying to identify birds based on sound and it's proving to be very difficult! Any idea what is the main bird singing? Thanks.