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  1. I'm leaning towards house finch but it just looks off to me...sat at my feeder for 30 minutes!
  2. 1) Least Flycatcher? 2) Swainson's Thrush? 3) Swainson's Thrush? 4) Swainson's Thrush? All were taken in MN last weekend at 3 different parks in the twin cities area. Thanks!
  3. Duluth, MN today
  4. Blaine, mn today
  5. Eloise Butler Bird Sanctuary, MN yesterday. I am trying to identify birds based on sound and it's proving to be very difficult! Any idea what is the main bird singing? Thanks.
  6. I am up for going where ever! We have a whole week to do whatever we want! Thanks for the tips! Any other favorite spots in the state? Thanks again! And I will definitely bring a good jacket!
  7. Duluth, MN fall of 2016. I think i posted them already but the history got deleted on my posts so i cant keep them straight anymore. Looking specifically for Bairds. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
  8. Just need some insight if boat tours are worth checking out in October. I want to see sea birds that I wouldn't otherwise see in MN any other park recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Duluth, MN yesterday. Juvenile ring billed or herring?
  10. Depends on how far you want to travel but i highly recommend Ding Darling park. You have to pay but its a wildlife drive. The book i got was Birding Florida. It has a yellow and black cover. It lists the parks and what species are common to see in certain times of the year. Good luck!
  11. We are thinking about going to Texas in October this year. I would like to check off some new hummingbirds, flycatchers and hopefully some waterfowl. I just don't know where to start. Any recommended parks or areas that feed hummingbirds to catch them hopefully on camera. Any tips are greatly appreciated and what you can see there. I'm from Minnesota to give perspective. Thanks again.
  12. Castlewood Canyon SP, CO today One male and one female.
  13. Castlewood Canyon SP, CO today One male and one female.
  14. Taken in Midwest mn by a friend in september and can't figure out what kind of sparrow it is. My guess is that it has some leucisim.
  15. Awesome! Thanks! I've seen violet green swallows before but never got a good photo :/ but canyon Wren will be awesome. Crossing my fingers for some cool birds!