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  1. More West Coast Hummer help, pls

    Hummer pic from Poulsbo, WA, 7/25/2017
  2. West Coast Hummer help, pls

    Hummingbird pics taken in Tacoma, WA on 7/25/2017. ?Rufus??
  3. sparrow help pls

    Good thought. Lots of male bobolinks visible in area. Thx.
  4. sparrow help pls

    Shawangunk area, upstate NY, June, 2017. Grasshopper sparrows reported in this grassland recently. Thx.
  5. Flycatcher help please

    Observed in Fulton, TX a few days ago. This is South Texas near the Gulf of Mexico
  6. Raptor help pls

    Seen at Montezuma NWR 11/26/2016. sorry for distant photo
  7. hawk help pls.

    Montezuma NWR, upstate NY, July 30 2016.
  8. Shorebird help pls.

    Taken along Wildlife Drive, Montezuma NWR, upstate NY, today.
  9. Flycatcher help

    6/24/2016, Ticonderoga NY
  10. swallow help pls

    OK! Thanks!
  11. swallow help pls

    But what about the very light-colored breast on the one bird?
  12. swallow help pls

    West Rutland VT, 6/2015
  13. sparrow help

    Taken last week at a salt marsh in Cape May, NJ
  14. ? Osprey

    Good points. Thanks. RS
  15. ? Osprey

    Montezuma NWR, Northern NY, taken 2/27/2016