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  1. bssaunder@gmail.com

    Roadside Hawk help

    Washington Co. Rt 42. Near the WCIBA. Within 1/2 mile of a snowy owl on top of a telephone pole.
  2. bssaunder@gmail.com

    Roadside Hawk help

    Northern NY hawk. ? red Shouldered? Thx.
  3. bssaunder@gmail.com

    More West Coast Hummer help, pls

    Hummer pic from Poulsbo, WA, 7/25/2017
  4. bssaunder@gmail.com

    West Coast Hummer help, pls

    Hummingbird pics taken in Tacoma, WA on 7/25/2017. ?Rufus??
  5. bssaunder@gmail.com

    sparrow help pls

    Good thought. Lots of male bobolinks visible in area. Thx.
  6. bssaunder@gmail.com

    sparrow help pls

    Shawangunk area, upstate NY, June, 2017. Grasshopper sparrows reported in this grassland recently. Thx.
  7. bssaunder@gmail.com

    Flycatcher help please

    Observed in Fulton, TX a few days ago. This is South Texas near the Gulf of Mexico
  8. bssaunder@gmail.com

    Raptor help pls

    Seen at Montezuma NWR 11/26/2016. sorry for distant photo
  9. bssaunder@gmail.com

    hawk help pls.

    Montezuma NWR, upstate NY, July 30 2016.
  10. bssaunder@gmail.com

    Shorebird help pls.

    Taken along Wildlife Drive, Montezuma NWR, upstate NY, today.
  11. bssaunder@gmail.com

    Flycatcher help

    6/24/2016, Ticonderoga NY
  12. bssaunder@gmail.com

    swallow help pls

    OK! Thanks!
  13. bssaunder@gmail.com

    swallow help pls

    But what about the very light-colored breast on the one bird?