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  1. Took my first ever trip to Austin, TX. Got a lot of great new birds. Unsure on these two. (1) I think the grebe is a least grebe (taken at hornsby bend) but this would be a life-lister so I would like confirmation. It was very small. No frame of reference in the photo, but it was much smaller than some coots nearby. (2) No Idea on this small warbler -
  2. Thanks everyone, I'll put it in the coot file.
  3. I am not convinced. I literally see coots everyday of my life. This bird looks different...especially the shape of it. Does anyone have any other reason to believe this is a coot? Anyone else think moorhen?
  4. i am totally willing to accept it as a boring old coot (or in this case a boring young coot), but I need to hear reasons why it is a coot instead of a moorhen.
  5. Thanks, I was thinking 1 was a moorhen. Any thoughts?
  6. Need help with a few more birds from my trip to Utah 1. Unknown Waterfowl (near Utah Lake) 2. Black-Chinned Hummingbird?? (St. George, Utah)
  7. Thanks everyone
  8. Thanks, can anyone confirm Ash-throated Flycatcher - that would be a lifer for me
  9. I am thinking Coopers or Sharp Shinned, but really, I am unable to tell. Maybe it is even a female Northern Goshawk. Taken last week in St. George, Utah
  10. 1. I thought of a Yellow Warbler at the time, but it was really small. Maybe 4 inches at most. Plus, I did not observe any streaking on the chest. You might be right, but I thought I would give more info to see if that changes anything.
  11. Took a trip to Southern Utah last week. Lytle Ranch is a small strip of the Mojave Desert that stretches into the bottom Southwest corner of Utah. I need some help identifying a few birds: 1. Bell's Vireo? Too Yellow? 2. Unknown1 3. Unknown2 4. Unknown 3 5. Phainopepla? in background for size reference) 6. Unknown (Flycatcher?)
  12. It was flying near some Franklin's Gulls. As a reference, my gull was slightly larger than the Franklin's. Not much larger, but definitely a little bigger.
  13. thanks everyone. Can anyone else confirm California Gull?
  14. These are the birds I saw a Malheur NWR in Oregon last week on which I need confirmation or help. BTW - My first time to Malheur and it was great birding! 1. Say's Phoebe? 2. Western Kingbird? 3. Unknown Gull 4. Not Sure 5. Peregrin? 6. Swainson's Hawk?
  15. Took this picture a couple of weeks ago near Sunriver, Oregon. I am bad with shorebirds and did not get a very good look. Hope someone who knows shorebirds can help me with which species and tell me why so I can learn. Sorry there is no size reference in the photo, but I think it was on the smaller side of the shorebird spectrum.