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  1. Herring Gull in Long Beach CA?

    Cool. Thanks for your reply. S/He was the same tone of light gray as the ever so smaller Ring-billed Gull, at one point all of the Gulls gathered in one spot to receive handouts which included this Herring, Ring-billed, a Western, a California, and a couple of Heermann's Gulls.
  2. Saw this pretty big gull while at long beach, I believe this bird was bigger than a Western Gull since both this bird and Western where side by side fighting over a dropped watermelon on the beach. gull by Paul Contreras, on Flickr
  3. 2nd opinion on Cooper's Hawk ID

    Thanks. Much appreciated
  4. I want to be sure this is a Cooper's and I'm pretty sure it is. I know this is perhaps my 5th posting of a Cooper's but I still like to have a 2nd opinion just in case Thanks in advance.
  5. Crow or Raven?

    I believe it's a crow since the bill is evenly proportioned from the top to button in contrast the raven's bill is bigger from the top part than the bottom. Here's a valuable resource on ID'ing crows from ravens, it really puts everything into perspective
  6. Myrtle Yellow-rumped Warbler in So Cal?

    Cool, this is my first time I've seen a Myrtle, or maybe I've seem them before, I don't remember. it's so cool cause I only see the Audubon's and it's so exciting seeing the Myrtle's
  7. I don't think I've ever seen a Myrtle before in so cal, we normally get the yellow-chinned (Audubon's Warbler) here instead which is the most abundant bird species in the Southern California during Fall to Winter
  8. Thanks again as always MerMaeve
  9. Thanks. Nearly impossible for me to figure out on my own
  10. photographed at Lake Legg El Monte CA Nov, 6, 2014
  11. Cormorant ID in Sol Cal

    Haha. I remember the family of that kid was calling the cormarant a "duck" I wanted to correct them but I thought maybe they might think of me as a jerk :/
  12. Cormorant ID in Sol Cal

    I was surprised as well, I guess the bird was interested in the fisher men's freshly caught fish. Also at the beginning a boy was throwing kicks at the cormorant.
  13. Cormorant ID in Sol Cal

    Thanks. much appreciated.