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  1. 2nd Opinion on So Cal Warbler

  2. I made a post on this same bird a previous day however the footage was not the greatest. Today I was able to find that same bird and got better footage, I'm certain it's a Orange-crowned but a 2nd opinion never hurts
  3. Orange Crowned Warbler?

    Yeah, sorry about that. I didn't wanna step outside since I didn't wanna potentially scare the bird away so I filmed the footage outside my window but thank you for your input, I'll investigate the Warbling Vireo.
  4. Orange Crowned Warbler?

    Literally captured this footage outside my window. I notice an higher pitched "check" sound that Yellow-Rumpeds usually make. BTW I live in a suburban 8 miles south of Downtown Los Angeles CA
  5. Bald Eagle at Los Angeles?

    Oh, okay. Only if my cam didn't run out of power I could've gotten better footage but I'll take that into consideration. Thanks for your input.
  6. Bald Eagle at Los Angeles?

    That's awesome, I hope I get another opportunity to see one again
  7. Bald Eagle at Los Angeles?

    I was at the Audobon center just 5 miles north of downtown Los Angeles and this huge bird appeared outta no where and the crow wasn't to far off from this massive bird, also the crow decided to attack. Unfortunately the quality isn't the best. I'm unfamiliar with the eagle since they're hardly any here in So Cal. Any assistance on ID'ing the bird would be nice. Trust me, I would of loved to capture more footage of this but my camera shut off on me due to insufficient battery, I was so angry. haha
  8. Crows versus accipiter or kestrel

    Cool, thanks for your input.
  9. Judging from the bird's size my best guess is a sharp shinned
  10. Enough to ID?

  11. Assistance with Hawk in Western Mexico

    Yeah, that's true I don't know how many times I've mistook another bird with a yellow rumped warbler or a Savannah's sparrow. Haha
  12. Is this a Nuthatch

    Wow, I never knew they foraged on brick walls. very cool.
  13. Assistance with Hawk in Western Mexico

    cool. thanks a mil. I've seen the red-tailed so many times, it makes me wonder why I wasn't able to tell this time around. (scratches head)
  14. Saw this hawk while visiting Tapalpa Jalisco Mexico footage taken on 1/20/2017
  15. 3 unknown birds?

    My guess is the hawk is a Cooper's Hawk, or maybe a sharp shined The 2nd bird is differently a mockingbird The 3rd is either a Ruby Kinglet or a Hutton's Vireo