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  1. It has a paid "pro" version, but the base version is free, and has everything you will likely ever need.
  2. That's like asking if you should use a Canon or Nikon. Most folks here use Flickr. It is free for most anything you need, has unlimited storage, (or at least a limit you will never realistically use), and is pretty straight forward. One big weakness in using Google is it does not support embedding of pictures on alternate sites. So there is no way you can show and embed your google pictures here, all you can do is add a hyperlink to the photo and say go here.
  3. FYI - this bird here in your album : Is not a Blue Heron. It is a Grey Heron, which is a nearly lookalike species from the Old World. Great Blue Herons are exclusively an Americas species.
  4. I'm sure the more dedicated herpers who read this section will be like "ho-hum, whatever", but I was pretty happy to find this one yesterday. Pretty rare and endangered in Ontario, it was the first one I've seen since I was a kid. Big adult, from what I understand probably close to as big as they get, as it was likely just under 1 meter. Heterodon platirhinos_2017-05-27_00002 on Flickr Heterodon platirhinos_2017-05-27_00026_small on Flickr
  5. A nice little surprise yesterday. Pretty rare in Southern Ontario, you can find them in Eastern and Northern Ontario, but really quite uncommon in the south of the province. And a fun fact for those who are unaware - the only carnivorous butterfly in North America. Harvester: Feniseca tarquinius_2017-05-27_00015 on Flickr Feniseca tarquinius_2017-05-27_00024 on Flickr
  6. Nice finds, 2 that are extirpated in Ontario, so I have never seen. I'm pretty sure the Elfin is correctly identified. I will pass on the Duskywing, I think it is either a Dreamy or Sleepy.
  7. I'm not sure where you are based but in the event you get to see a Phalarope, they are very small, the largest phalarope species would be a bit more than half the size of the stilt you saw. Outside of the most northern areas in Europe, phalaropes are pretty uncommon to see in central or southern Europe. I lived for years well north of Spain in Denmark, and only ever saw one there. You can sometimes find Grey Phalarope (called Red Phalarope in North America) on the northeast coast of the Bay of Bisacay,up in the Basque country, but that's about it.
  8. 2 is a Black-winged Stilt. 1 is more likely a Common Tern, but someone else should confirm that. The bill does not look big enough for an Elegant.
  9. As was stated above, it is not a Cabbage. I too think it is a West Virginia, but can't conclusively rule out Mustard.
  10. I'm not going to try an ID due to unfamiliarity with western ones, but California Gulls are common as far east as Manitoba and the Dakotas, so they are absolutely in range in Idaho. The apparent black ring on the bill should eliminate Herring and does point to California EDIT - oops beaten to an answer while typing mine.
  11. Isn't it obvious ? It's not in a Willow tree. I will agree that without call, you just need to leave as Trail's.
  12. 2 species I don't get to photograph that often. Black-billed Cuckoo: Coccyzus erythropthalmus_2017-05-23_00003_small on Flickr Bobolink : Dolichonyx oryzivorus_2017-05-23_00005_small on Flickr
  13. Springtime Darner : Basiaeschna janata_2017-05-23_00010_small on Flickr
  14. I agree, with the note it is a field guide ID, as I have never seen one, since it is not known to exist in Ontario.
  15. Any more pics that show the bill more clearly ? In the 1st pic it looks like there may be a band on the bill, or at least a change in colour towards the tip which would point to Redhead.