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  1. Snaketail?

    I think that is a Sinuous, we get Boreal in Ontario, even if I have never seen one, so I am familiar with it. The abdomen is much too light for a Boreal. Additionally, with the caveat I am colour blind, the thorax looks quite yellow, when Boreal are usually bright green. Lastly, I don't think Boreal is known that far south in BC. Pale dont really have any thorax stripes, they have a spot over a single thin stripe. You can make out the namesake Sinuous stripe on this one's thorax.
  2. 4 IDs

    Just curious if there are regional differences in pattern for the Spicebush. Here in Ontario, it is not uncommon to see them with spots going well up the wing. It is not on all individuals, but certainly seen. The spots are often blue in colour, not yellow, like a stronger edging to the blue wash. If you do a search on Flickr for "spicebush swallowtail Ontario", you can see several photographed examples.
  3. Moth ID

    Yes, that is a male Checkered White butterfly.
  4. 4 IDs

    Yes on the fritillary. The Swallowtail is either a Black or Spicebush, I would lean Spicebush but would like a better picture to be sure. The mystery one is one of the sulphurs, I don't know southern ones well enough to do a species ID. I will pass on the first. I think it may be a Queen, but that is a very dark picture.
  5. A couple from south Louisiana

    The red one is either a Golden-winged or Needham's Skimmer, my sense is Needham's, but please note neither species is present in Canada, so I have no first-hand experience with them. The pictures on the 1st are really dark, but I suspect Swamp Darner, especially given your comment on size, as it is something like the 3rd largest ode in North America.
  6. What are your dream rarities?

    Egretta tricolor_2017-07-22_00082_small on Flickr
  7. Share your best photo of the day!

    Pretty rare to Ontario, they only ever come as migrants from the south. Some years, some appear, other years they are absent. Lifer butterfly American Snout : Libytheana carinenta_2017-07-21_00353_small on Flickr
  8. Share your Lepidoptera lifers

    Technically my 2nd time seeing one, but my 1st opportunity to photograph one - Tawny Emperor : Asterocampa clyton_2017-07-21_00025_small on Flickr And an actual lifer, pretty rare to Ontario, they are only ever here as migrants, some years some show up, other years they are absent - American Snout : Libytheana carinenta_2017-07-21_00250_small on Flickr
  9. Butterfly confirms for newb from SW MI - 7/22

    You got all correct.
  10. What Dragonfly?

    It's a fairly recently emerged darner in the genus Aeshna. The fact the spots are more grey than blue suggests it is recently emerged. Without a shot of the thorax stripes, I dont think you can ID down to species, several are very similar in looks.
  11. A lot of butterflies

    It is, the difference is of course at Pelee, it is fresh water. Ontario has a very significant amount of salt water coastline, but not at that location.
  12. Couple 'flies from upstate NY

    No green wings, that's reflection off the water or vegetation. Eastern North American damsels have clear wings, with a couple of exceptions in the Jewelwing family which have darkening, and Amber-winged Spreadwings whose wings not surprisingly have an amber tinge (cue someone reminding me of one I forgot). None have any green. #3 is not a Blue-tipped, the males are almost all black, females are mainly brown and black (like #2).
  13. Couple 'flies from upstate NY

    If I had to make a guess on #2 (keep in mind I don't know local distribution in NY State), I would say Blue-tipped or Blue-fronted Dancer, but please do not consider that definitive or solid.
  14. Couple 'flies from upstate NY

    The dragonfly is a Halloween Pennant. I'm not sure I would be comfortable confidently saying what #2 is The posture in #3 is when odes are depositing eggs.
  15. Black and Orangey butterfly

    It has a mark on the underside of the wing that looks like a Question Mark.