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  1. What is the best photo site?

    Note that Google Photos does not allow you to embed photos stored there to other websites, so for example you cant embed into posts here, only provide a link for people to follow. Google photos is just fine for storage, but certainly more restrictive in terms of sharing the photos once they are there.
  2. Pacific Loon?

    Based on the location and time (I was there just yesterday), Red-throated is actually less likely than Pacific. However, I fully agree with others than a definitive call cant be made on photo #2, it should stay as loon sp. Rick - it is too late this year, but next year if you go earlier in the autumn (late October), the Pacific will still have retained some or all of their breeding plumage making them much easier to pick out from the masses of Common (for those unaware the location can attract 1000+ Common Loon).
  3. Mute Swans in OKC???

    Because if it is parks or areas where other native swans are not likely to breed, they can be aggressive enough to other waterfowl species, such as Canada Geese, Mallards for example which can get far more numerous, destructive and an issue to breeders to drive them away.
  4. Share your best photo of the day!

    Juvenile Glaucous Gull: Larus hyperboreus_2017-11-15_00151_Small, on Flickr
  5. Any Lifers?

    No photos due to poor conditions, but a off-course Townsend's Warbler yesterday. Birdie better get a move on, it's getting chilly here.
  6. Some kind of skipper? Vicksburg Mississippi

    It's one of the Checkered Skippers in the genus Pyrgus.There are 3 species found in Mississippi, of those 2 - White-checkered Skipper and Common Checkered-Skipper are only reliably separated by dissection, the 3rd is the Tropical Checkered-skipper. I dont know the southern ones well enough to confidently tell you which.
  7. For those who are not aware, Wednesday's episode of the TV show Nature on PBS is called H is for Hawk - a followup to the famous book on Goshawks : http://www.pbs.org/video/h-hawk-new-chapter-apxkhv/ In the Eastern time zone it airs at 8pm on Wednesday on PBS. Folks in other time zones can check their schedule. Americans should be able to watch online at pbs.org anytime after it airs. Canadians who do not have access to shall we say alternative technological means can not view it at the website which is geoblocked, so need to watch live, or record it.
  8. Coastal Oregon Squirrel

    Douglas Squirrel I think.
  9. Mutant squirrel

    More than half the Eastern Grey Squirrel we see here locally are melanistic. I think it is a Northeastern thing, but our rate locally is very high. Doing a random scan of some other NE areas I found some, but nothing like the rate we see.
  10. grasshopper Austin, TX, Oedipodinae subfamily

    Well, the pronotum is the section behind the head. I suspect you are getting into way more specialized knowledge than I can help with as I took a quick look at BugGuide pics supposedly of Trimerotropis and cant really see much difference. There is a good breakdown on anatomy here : http://idtools.org/id/grasshoppers/about_morphology.php On the same page under Fact Sheets it looks to have very good breakdowns on species.
  11. I think you are right on the Tulip-tree Beauty, if not then certainly some close. Without dissection or microscope views, it is generally thought species level ID of plume moths is unreliable.
  12. grasshopper Austin, TX, Oedipodinae subfamily

    If this was in Austin, it suggests a different species, according to the information I saw, and also referenced under "range" here, that is a coastal species restricted to Gulf Coast sand dunes in Texas : http://bugguide.net/node/view/433491
  13. grasshopper Austin, TX, Oedipodinae subfamily

    Just a guess, so take it for that, but any chance it is a Seaside Grasshopper (Trimerotropis maritima) ? Despite the name they have a wide range, we even see them here on the Great Lakes in Ontario.
  14. Share your best photo of the day!

    Not perfect, but certainly the best I have ever got of a species not seen around here too often. Not too bad considering the distance and that it was through a fence. Hudsonian Godwit: Limosa haemastica_2017-10-15_00307_small on Flickr Also a 2nd pic just for interest, not quality. I had no idea Godwit would swim, but this one went for a paddle around the pond. It is behaviour I had never witnessed before, but doing research, apparently they are comfortable swimmers. Limosa haemastica_2017-10-15_00331_small on Flickr
  15. Blue-green Wasp or Bee

    The angle of the photo makes it a little tough (ideally I would like to see the profile of the body better), but it looks like it narrows at the waist. My sense, although please dont consider this as definitive is a Sweat Bee (also called Metallic bees). The other option is a Cuckoo Wasp, but those rarely visit flowers. UPDATE - was literally writing as above came in.