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  1. Added red-necked grebe from Central Park, 2/18
  2. Agreed. 3 are Vesper Sparrows.
  3. Agree with redhead and mallard, given the white on the tail, for one thing.
  4. Added Bonaparte's Gull today from Gravesend Bay, Brooklyn.
  5. I added Evening Grosbeak, Barred Owl, and Gray Jay from Tupper Lake and Sabattis Circle Road today. Unfortunately, the Ross's Gull was not seen by anyone.
  6. I can't view the photo without a Shutterfly account. I'd recommend posting the photo to flickr or imgur and embedding it here so all can easily see.
  7. Added pileated woodpecker today from Binghamton University Nature Preserve, Broome County.
  8. Awesome! The list should just be for countable established birds though, so I'd suggest removing the black swan.
  9. Yes, that's an immature male (1st winter) black scoter. Females don't have that yellow on the bill, and adult males have all black plumage.
  10. 1. Not sure this photo is good enough to tell. 2. Yes, that's a gadwall.
  11. Definitely an immature bald eagle, but I can't help with the exact age.
  12. Don't worry about that. If eBird is asking for more details, they just want to make sure you got the ID right. Adding the photo to your checklist should be enough, as it clearly shows trumpeter swans, especially clear on the right-most bird.
  13. That's a red-tailed hawk. The belly band of streaks (plain white breast with streaked belly) is visible here.
  14. That's absolutely a Couch's kingbird.
  15. Yes, that's a dark-eyed junco.