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  1. Yes, that's an immature male (1st winter) black scoter. Females don't have that yellow on the bill, and adult males have all black plumage.
  2. 1. Not sure this photo is good enough to tell. 2. Yes, that's a gadwall.
  3. Definitely an immature bald eagle, but I can't help with the exact age.
  4. Don't worry about that. If eBird is asking for more details, they just want to make sure you got the ID right. Adding the photo to your checklist should be enough, as it clearly shows trumpeter swans, especially clear on the right-most bird.
  5. That's a red-tailed hawk. The belly band of streaks (plain white breast with streaked belly) is visible here.
  6. That's absolutely a Couch's kingbird.
  7. Yes, that's a dark-eyed junco.
  8. Double post
  9. 1. Mew Gulls and ? 2. Red-throated Loon 3. Ruddy Turnstone
  10. This bird doesn't seem to have anything wrong with its eyes. It's just got a messed up bill. What's with the assumption that it's got the eye disease?
  11. Definitely looks like it has a steeper forehead and smaller bill than the common goldeneye in front of it, but I'd still go with common goldeneye, as I'd expect a Barrow's goldeneye female to have an even steeper head and smaller bill.
  12. Added field sparrow and black-crowned night-heron today at Randall's Island, New York City
  13. Added common raven today from Randall's Island, New York City
  14. Yes, that's a sanderling. In their winter plumage, they're much paler overall, especially on the back, than our other sandpipers.
  15. Central Park, New York City, January 7: 83. Red-headed Woodpecker 84. Brown-headed Cowbird 85. Ruddy Duck