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  1. Merlin or Accipiter?

    Thanks all
  2. Merlin or Accipiter?

    Hi all This bird was a little confusing to me for the following reasons: Chased a Eurasian-collared Dove (similarly sized appearance) Don't really see the weak Merlin mustache in the profile photo I saw this bird fly across the road to taller bush (Lilac I think) which had tumbleweeds at base full of House Sparrow. This same bird worked its way down in/through the tumbleweeds to try and capture a sparrow-as an accipiter would When I viewed it across the street its tail seemed way to long for a Merlin (I suppose it could be a different bird but pretty sure same one) http://coloradobirder.club/m/photos/browse/album/Clark-Lake-Ault/ Maybe I am overanalyzing ... maybe not ... :-) Thanks Gary
  3. Empid ID?

    Hi all Seen in spring of this year, Colorado ...
  4. Your Opinions: Parasitic Yaeger

    Might be two in area ... I only have photos of bird on water below. Windsor Lake yesterday in Windsor, Colorado. Yaegers are rare but seen uncommonly most fall/winters. http://coloradobirder.club/m/photos/browse/album/Windsor-Lake-06-25-2017/ Other comments from locals: 1-Consensus on this bird is dark Morph juvenile Parasitic. The bird was smaller than the Ring-billed Gulls it was chasing and lacked the girth and larger size associated with Pomarines. The bill did not match Pomarine or Long-tailed as there was black only on the very tip. There were more than two white shafts visible on the top of the primaries in flight and the undersides were very obviously white eliminating Long-tailed. 2-Had to run to windsor for work and wanted to follow up on Gary Lefko's post. Currently looking at the bird. I'm not convinced it's the same Jaeger as the Timnath bird yet but could be. It is an Intermediate Morph Parasitic for sure. Seems to have a lot more white barring on the belly and undertail coverts than the pics from Timnath. But it could just be lighting as well. Still has 4-5 white primary shafts that I captured in a bad but identifiable photo.
  5. Chipping or American Tree Sparrow?

    Nice-forgot all about them ... thanks Gary
  6. Chipping or American Tree Sparrow?

    http://coloradobirder.club/m/photos/view/IMG-4403 Thanks Gary
  7. Gull ID?

    They are four separate birds ... too
  8. Gull ID?

    Great thanks!
  9. Gull ID?

    all four? these are four separate birds? 3 standing , one sleeping
  10. Gull ID?

    Loveland Lake, Loveland, CO today at 1400MST Photos here--four separate photos with what I think might be (4) Lesser Black-backed Gull (uncommon winter gull here seen annually) Thanks ahead of time http://coloradobirder.club/m/photos/browse/album/Loveland-Lake-Loveland/ left sleeping gull darker mantle right three photos seem adult darkest mantle standing Gary
  11. Dove ID

    Nunn, Colorado this week. Eurasian-collareds are quite common here. There is whitish, similar-looking dove--is it African-collared Dove or Ringed-turtle Dove? Gary http://coloradobirder.club/m/photos/browse/album/Nunn-Yard-Bird/
  12. Winter Plumage Phalarope Confirmation

    Thanks Matt ... Gary
  13. Winter Plumage Phalarope Confirmation

    Hi all Just wanted some confirmation that this is Red-necked versus Red Phalarope? Red-necked always seen here during migrations. A few Red seen but considered rare. Photos: http://coloradobirder.club/m/photos/browse/album/Weld-CR-48-and-Beebe-Draw/ Seen last week in northern Colorado. Thanks Gary
  14. Wilson's Warbler Female?

  15. Wilson's Warbler Female?

    http://coloradobirder.club/m/photos/view/Wilson-s-Warbler-Weld-CR-124-Pond-Grover-Weld Nunn, Colorado seen yesterday ... common fall migrant Just want a confirmation ... Thanks Gary