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  1. Confirm Long-eared Owl

    35 acres CRP land (ag turned to native grasses), landscaped 12,000 sq ft area as backyard with native "everything"
  2. Confirm Long-eared Owl

  3. Confirm Long-eared Owl

    Hi all Visitor (#134 yard species) to our Nunn, CO yard all day yesterday. When relaxed in conifer I first thought Great Horned Owl (male)--then he came out at dusk, flew around yard many times, looked very slender, smaller than our usual Great Horneds and face looked more Long-eared than Great Horned. Tuffs seemed longer more atop head than side. First four photos. http://coloradobirder.club/m/photos/browse/album/Nunn-Yard-Bird/ Thanks Gary Yard list: Species (Blue Newest) Sand Hill Crane Great Blue Heron Mallard Canada Goose Snow Goose American White Pelican Turkey Vulture Sharp-Shinned Hawk Cooper's Hawk Northern Harrier Swainson's Hawk Red-Tailed Hawk Ferruginous Hawk Rough-Legged Hawk Golden Eagle Bald Eagle American Kestrel Prairie Falcon Merlin Gambel's Quail Northern Bobwhite Chukar Ring-Necked Pheasant Ring-billed Gull Killdeer Rock Pigeon Eurasian-Collared Dove White-winged Dove Mourning Dove Long-eared Owl Short-eared Owl Great-Horned Owl Burrowing Owl Eastern Screech Owl Barn Owl loggerhead Shrike Broad-Tailed Hummingbird Rufous Hummingbird Black-Chinned Hummingbird Calliope Hummingbird Northern Flicker (Yellow and Red-Shafted) Downy Woodpecker Red-headed Woodpecker Hairy Woodpecker Red-breasted Nuthatch Eastern Kingbird Western Kingbird Cordilleran Flycatcher Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Great-crested Flycatcher Western Tanager Western Wood-Pewee Say's Phoebe Empid species Northern Shrike Loggerhead Shrike Eastern Bluejay Western Scrub Jay Clark's Nutcracker Northern Rough-winged Swallow Barn Swallow Cliff Swallow European Starling Black-billed Magpie American Crow Common Raven Common Grackle Horned Lark Rock Wren House Wren Winter Wren Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Townsend's Solitaire Mountain Bluebird Gray Catbird American Robin Hermit Thrush Swainson's Thrush Sage Thrasher Brown Thrasher Curve-billed Thrasher Northern Mockingbird American Pipit Ruby-Crowned Kinglet Yellow Warbler Wilson's Warbler Common Yellowthroat Yellow-Rumped Warbler Orange-crowned Warbler Townsend's Warbler Blackburnian Warbler Lark Bunting Green-tailed Towhee Spotted Towhee Lark Sparrow Savannah Sparrow Cassin's Sparrow Lincoln's Sparrow Song Sparrow Clay-Colored Sparrow Brewer's Sparrow Field Sparrow American Tree Sparrow Grasshopper Sparrow Harris's Sparrow Vesper Sparrow Chipping Sparrow White-Crowned Sparrow Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon, Slate-Colored, Pink-sided, Gray-headed) Lapland Longspur Chestnut-Collared Longspur McCown's Longspur Western Tanager Dickcissel Blue Grosbeak Black-headed Grosbeak Bullock's Oriole Orchard Oriole Brown-headed Cowbird Brewer's Blackbird Great-Tailed Grackle Common Grackle Yellow-Headed Blackbird Red-Winged Blackbird Bobolink Western Meadowlark American Goldfinch Lesser Goldfinch Pine Siskin Common Redpoll House Finch (Normal, Yellow Variant) Purple Finch Gray-Crowned Rosy Finch House Sparrow
  4. Difficult ID Challenge (If Even Possible)

    Thanks, gary
  5. Difficult ID Challenge (If Even Possible)

    St Pete-area, FL 10 days ago ...
  6. Difficult ID Challenge (If Even Possible)

    Hi all Only shot of this bird-GOOD luck! Any ideas? http://coloradobirder.club/m/photos/view/Warbler-2018-04-06 Thanks Gary
  7. FL Warbler ID?

    Thx all!
  8. FL Warbler ID?

    Hope so ... then life bird! Thx
  9. FL Warbler ID?

    Hi all St Pete-area, FL 10 days ago http://coloradobirder.club/m/photos/view/Warbler-2018-04-05 Thanks Gary
  10. New Yard Bird!

    Hi all Nunn, Colorado this morning in my yard ... Gambel's Quail (very rare up here)! #133 since 2002. Hope to get photos at lunch. Thanks Gary Yard bird list: http://coloradobirder.club/page/Nunn-Yard-Birds
  11. Another FL Shorebird Puzzler

    Hi all Found another puzzling bird in collection ... Clearwater, FL seven days ago. http://coloradobirder.club/m/photos/view/IMG-7483 Two birds below: left looks like Black-bellied Plover, right one looks like bird in first link above? http://coloradobirder.club/m/photos/view/IMG-7484 Thanks Gary
  12. Reddish Egret or Little Blue Heron ID?

    Hi all FL 10 days ago (Largo-St Pete). This bird I wavered from Reddish Egret (URL name) to renaming it to Little Blue Heron on actual photo page. When I looked at other searched photos of both species the bird I photoed seemed to have a bi-colored bill more like the Little Blue. Birder here said too shaggy for Blue, he suggested Reddish Egret. Thoughts? http://coloradobirder.club/m/photos/view/Reddish-Egret Thanks Gary
  13. A juvenile loon?

    Female Common Loon??
  14. Two grebes?

    Bottom one looks to be Horned Grebe, upper I suspect same. Gary
  15. Osprey with nesting material?