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  1. There were 4 of these. They were down in the tall weeds and then up in a tree, then popping down again. Over and Over. Got decent pics of 2 of them. DSC00816r by Mark Ross, on Flickr r by Mark Ross, on Flickr Thanks for any help!
  2. All taken on 8/23 in Lake Delton in central Wisconsin. 1) Least I assume. DSC00745r by Mark Ross, on Flickr 2-7) All Song sparrows? 2) DSC07848r by Mark Ross, on Flickr 3) DSC07812r by Mark Ross, on Flickr 4) DSC07772r by Mark Ross, on Flickr 5) DSC07764r by Mark Ross, on Flickr 6) DSC07761r by Mark Ross, on Flickr 7) DSC07753r by Mark Ross, on Flickr Thanks for looking!
  3. Need help with shorebird & owl

    The first photo looks like lesser yellowlegs. Although the fact that no ID has been offered in 2 days makes me wonder if there is something tricky here. Do not know the owl.
  4. What are these birds?

    Not sure of the type, but dowitchers for sure.
  5. What are these birds?

    Double post.
  6. "Squeeky toy" call from a marsh

    Maybe a catbird?
  7. Sandpipers in flight

    Maybe western sandpipers? Bills look too long for semipalmated.
  8. Phoebe or Acadian or EW Pewee ?

    I would say Eastern wood-pewee. The head color does not look dark enough to be phoebe and the head looks to point at the top. Not enough eye ring for empidonax.
  9. Odd Sparrow

    I would say Lincoln's. White belly with no streaking, buffy wash with fine streaks on breast.
  10. Second. A good field mark is the eyestripe which is in front of and behind the eye.
  11. Sandpipers

    I think these are all semipalmated. I just have a question about the chubby one in the middle. Its legs look shorter and the it looks a little smaller than the others. I originally thought it was an adult while the others where juveniles but now I am completely confused. DSC00471r by Mark Ross, on Flickr Thanks for any guidance on this.
  12. Indigo bunting?

    Down in the brush in a swampy area. DSC00371r by Mark Ross, on Flickr DSC00367r by Mark Ross, on Flickr Thanks!
  13. Spotted sandpiper?

    2nd. Usually head bobbing when you see them.
  14. Possible Pectoral Sandpiper in VT

    Pectoral 22 cm Least 15 cm Killdeer 27 cm Gotta be least just based on size.
  15. semipalmated?

    I keep looking how the color and pattern of the scapulars and it does not look like any other photo of a semipalmated I can find. DSC00196r by Mark Ross, on Flickr Thanks for looking.