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  1. Crow or Raven?

    Thanks Gain bird nuts. The relative size does make sense
  2. Crow or Raven?

    Thanks Bird Nuts. Can I ask you what is your clue to Raven over Crow? I added another photo just because it was cool.
  3. Crow or Raven?

    I was lucky to find a Snowy Owl in my neck of the woods on Sat. I actually realized it was there as I was driving along and saw what I thought were 8 crows in a tree above it harassing the owl. I tried for photos close, but my battery was dead and by the time I had changed it out the owl flew to a location that was not nearly as close. I have 3 pics of the Snowy Owl being harassed by either a crow or a raven. Several folks on FB have said this is a Raven due to the ruffed neck. I did not think the beak was heavy enough for a raven. No vocalizations to help. Just wondering what folks here think and why.
  4. White-Throated sparrow in VT

    Thanks Sean
  5. Just wanted to be sure this is a white-throated sparrow. I didn't see the white throat in the field and thought it might have been a white-crowned sparrow, but it is obviously not. That white throat patch is not prominent on this bird which had me confused.
  6. House Finch or Purple Finch in VT

    Thanks IvoryBillHope
  7. One more ID. I am always getting these wrong. We do have both here. I believe these are House Finches, but like I said, I can still get it wrong. Bill does look slightly curved an the male just does not look deep enough red for Purple.
  8. Song Sparrow or Fox sparrow in VT

    Thanks. It was doing the Fox Sparrow dance which is what had me going.
  9. I saw this bird under our feeder and my first thought was Fox Sparrow, as it was scratching in the seed like Fox Sparrows do. Looking at the pics I snapped I am leaning more to Song, as this bird does not seem to have the gray or splotchy appearance and is not red enough. There are a few pics on the internet of Fox that look similar to this bird, but I am still leaning to song. Would appreciate any help with ID.
  10. Couple confirmations from downtown Boston

    Thanks for the confirmation. Glad to have had the chance to get to the Ross's before sundown.
  11. Pretty sure on both of these birds, but thought it would be good to get other opinions. I went to a location where the Ross's goose had been reported for a few weeks now and am almost certain that I found it. Who would think you would get a life bird in downtown Boston? Because it is a life bird for me, I was really just looking to confirm it. The other bird i am pretty sure is a White Winged Scoter. It was quite far out, and I just had my little super-zoom with me, so that red bill looks like a splotch, but I think the crescent shaped white around the eyes nails it. TIA
  12. American Pipit in VT

    Thanks BirdNuts. I have the search page bookmarked on ebird, so it has been quite a while since I have seen either the home page or the VT page and did not realize that pics were posted there. I think I'll change my bookmark.
  13. American Pipit in VT

    Methinks you're right DouginBC, eh? Mer Maeve, where do you find rare bird photos on eBird? I didn't know there was such a thing. I probably have other photos that have shown up there.
  14. American Pipit in VT

    Thanks Bird Nuts!
  15. American Pipit in VT

    A little late for this bird here, but pretty sure that's what they are. Just seeking confirmation.