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  1. American Pipit in VT

    Thanks BirdNuts. I have the search page bookmarked on ebird, so it has been quite a while since I have seen either the home page or the VT page and did not realize that pics were posted there. I think I'll change my bookmark.
  2. American Pipit in VT

    Methinks you're right DouginBC, eh? Mer Maeve, where do you find rare bird photos on eBird? I didn't know there was such a thing. I probably have other photos that have shown up there.
  3. American Pipit in VT

    Thanks Bird Nuts!
  4. American Pipit in VT

    A little late for this bird here, but pretty sure that's what they are. Just seeking confirmation.
  5. Cackling Geese in VT, maybe a Hybrid??

    Thanks for all the input. I think I will leave it to the reviewers to make the determination on these birds. I am no expert and it sounds like there is a lot of wiggle room in determining the species. I just saw them as significantly smaller than the geese around them. My initial report I called 2 Cackling Geese. I'll go ahead and try to add one hybrid, then leave it up to the reviewers to decide. Thanks again to all on the great information.
  6. Cackling Geese in VT, maybe a Hybrid??

    Thanks Bird Brain, I have not looked on eBird to see if there is a way to report a hybrid. Here is another photo that may be just a bit clearer.
  7. I think the first 2 geese in the center of the pic are Cackling Geese. That third one looks a bit larger. Not sure if Cacklers hybridize with Canada but though maybe. Any help would be appreciated
  8. Juvenile Great Cormorant in VT?

    Thanks Gis and thanks for the explanation
  9. Saw this bird about an hour ago on one of the local lakes. Appears like it might be a Juvie Great Cormorant, but I'm not quite sure. There is a little white at the base of the bill and the bird is overall lighter in color than double crested. Appreciate input so I can correctly report it on ebird.
  10. Gulls in VT

    Thanks psweet
  11. Gulls in VT

    Got these not great photos today and am wondering about ID. The birds were flying together. I I think the above bird is a Herring gull Not sure on the above bird. My guess would be ring billed.
  12. Cackling Goose in VT

    Thanks Bird Brain, those were my thoughts as well. It stood out from the Canadas by its size. If it really is a Cackling, that is a lifer for me. I posted it on the ABA list serve here in VT for confirmation as well.
  13. Cackling Goose in VT

    Found another pic. While scanning the geese with my scope and counting them this bird just stood out as being smaller than the rest which is why it got my interest.
  14. Cackling Goose in VT

    Not sure, but thought this bird I found this morning might be a Cackling Goose. Any thoughts? Middle bird in first 2 pics and trailing in the last.
  15. Small duck in VT

    Pretty certain. It really did not look like it had a Grebe's bill. Like I said, it was pretty dark and far away. Even with my scope the most I could make out was its small size, and the striped flanks and dark crown that show a bit in the photos above. I think the bill was more a duck bill, but couldn't be certain and I'm pretty sure it was yellowish. I may try again in the morning to see if it is still there. It was moving around quite a bit more than the other ducks, and just as fast as the larger ducks like the American Blacks. I looked for something like it in Sibleys, but drew a blank.