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  1. Which Thrush in VT?

    Thanks to you both.
  2. Which Thrush in VT?

    I just saw this bird this morning. It had a buffy speckled chest but turned before I could get a shot of that. My sense is maybe a Hermit. Wish I had a shot of the chest.
  3. Immature Herring Gull in VT

    Thanks asque2000
  4. I'm not good at gulls in general, but worse with the immature gulls. I think this is a herring gull, but would not be surprised if I'm wrong. This gull definitely was not harassed by about 2 dozen ring billed gulls that were around it. I think the size just kept the other gulls at bay.
  5. Song Sparrow or Fox sparrow in VTTh

    Thanks again to all!
  6. Song Sparrow or Fox sparrow in VTTh

    Here is another pic. I think this might be a different bird. Here the color is quite a bit redder and the bill does look bi-color, but I think the facial striping is still too bold. Both of these birds did the duff scratch dance typical of Fox Sparrows, which is what got me thinking Fox.
  7. Song Sparrow or Fox sparrow in VTTh

    Thanks all. I actually reported it as song as it is my default when I am unsure. This bird seemed to have just a bit bolder chest markings that looked redder than the pic shows. It was snowing here today, so lighting wasn't great. If I remember right, Fox Sparrows are a bit larger than song and this was definitely song sparrow size. gstacks, I was in a rush to get this posted and out the door so didn't realize I hit a couple extra keys when posting. Should have been just VT.
  8. I just can't decide which it is. Seems to have some features of both. Any help is really appreciated.
  9. Starling in NY (near Saratoga)

    Thanks all for the help. Just looked a bit off for Rusty to me.
  10. I saw 5 of these birds today flying together. Thought they were starlings in the field, now I'm not sure. Doesn't really have the look of starlings I'm used to seeing, but I'm at a loss of what else it might be. Perhaps Rusty Blackbird, but doesn't look right for that. TIA
  11. Red-Cockaded Woodpecker in GA, female?

    Probably BigOly. This is at the entrance to the Okefenokee NWR. The birds are known to nest there, and all the trees that have nests are marked, which is how I found this bird. I am sure either the park employees or other dedicated people have kept good track of the birds. I can't see any marks on the band, but maybe looking at the wrong side. Might be interesting to see their data though.
  12. Red-Cockaded Woodpecker in GA, female?

    Thanks psweet and Sean C. I looked at Cornell online and couldn't see a difference there either.
  13. I am certain this is a Red Cockaded Woodpecker that I saw in GA 5 days ago. (I am now back at home in VT). I am not sure you can tell which sex it is by looking at it like we can our Downy and Hairy woodpeckers by the lack of red. This bird shows no red, but it is a species I am not familiar with and not sure you can tell. I just saw Liam's question on my post about the Pine Warbler I saw with this bird, and the answer Liam, is yes, I saw it at the Cane Pole Trail entrance of the Okefenokee.
  14. Stilt Sandpiper in GA?

    Thanks Liam. I do see the difference. Glad to have met you as well.
  15. Seaside and Saltmarsh Sparrows in GA

    OK. I just looked at Nelson's and Saltmarsh side by side and I have to say the differences are subtle to me. Not sure how you would figure out some sort of hybrid of the two apart from either of these birds. I guess I would need to see a lot more of them, but that probably won't happen as I live in VT and only get to the coast now and then. Thanks again akiley.