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  1. ranger

    hummer id

    Saw this in Palm Springs couple of days ago. ID please
  2. Pics taken last August and misfiled and un-Id'd. Some help please
  3. ranger

    North Central Alberta ID's Rnd 2

    The peep seemed larger than a least, and its wingtips were longer than its tail, so I assumed bairds or white rumped.
  4. Last ones to ID, confirming redstart for the one.
  5. Spent a week near Lesser Slave Lake Bird Observatory and have a few ID's and/or confirmations. The flycatcher pics may be the same adult along with its juvie Thanks
  6. Some confirmations would be appreciated
  7. ranger

    Last Arizona ID's

    Thanks. We get both forms of yellow rumped in Alberta, and these looked like neither. Wasn't expecting yellow rumped.
  8. The last of ID's requested. 19 lifers and counting Thanks everyone
  9. ranger

    Phoenix bird ID's

    Thanks David. What makes it a Northern Flicker vs gilded flicker?
  10. A few pictures taken on a recent holiday. Some help with identifying would be appreciated.
  11. ranger

    Arizona Id's round 2

    Here's the only other pic I have. Had to get rid of the YR warbler to make room. Markings of the under tail looks like black tailed to me.
  12. Some confirmations would be appreciated. Hank
  13. Not all the greatest pics, but am hoping to get some ID's, from a recent visit to Arizona.
  14. Some ID's if possible, please
  15. A few more id's please.from Tucson area