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  1. Sundance

    What Peeps??

    I was 90% they were Dunlin, so my mistake calling them peeps. Thanks!
  2. Sundance

    What Peeps??

    Is there enough to go on here to ID these two with the Pacific Golden Plover? Are they Dunlin? Western Washington, this time period. Thanks.
  3. Sundance

    Say, what Swallow?

    This time last year. Olympic Peninsula. Thanks.
  4. Sundance

    What Sparrow

  5. Sundance

    What Sparrow

    Going through past images with unidentified birds. This one is from the Olympic Peninsula taken in Mid-September of 2014. Imm. White-crowned Sparrows? or...? Thanks.
  6. Sundance

    Confirm Ruby-Crowned Kinglet (poor photos)

    I'd say yes. Looks like a dark band below the white wing bar. Was the behavior consistent? Moving frequently?
  7. Sundance

    7 Flying Mysteries

    Thanks for the first and second confirmation. There have only been a couple of sightings of these recorded in my area all year.
  8. Sundance

    7 Flying Mysteries

    Rather unlikely. How certain can you be about that?
  9. Sundance

    7 Flying Mysteries

    Location: Olympic Peninsula, Western Washington, this week. Grouping of 7-10 flew from stand of trees to out of site on the other side of a sandy berm, then up and out where I got the away shot, before they turned back for another stand of trees in the distance, where I got the coming forward shot. 500mm lens and saved at over 200%. Seemed larger than Kinglet or Hutton's but I'm not used to viewing either of those flying like this(in the open).
  10. Sundance

    Mystery Ground Feeders

    Yeah, that's the reason I didn't consider them being Towhees. The largest of the five (left in the photo) tried to hold its ground on the feeder with a Mourning Dove earlier today.
  11. Sundance

    Mystery Ground Feeders

    These are without question, smaller than adult Towhees and as I said, are chasing the adult Towhees off from time to time. They primarily scratch around below the raised ground feeder, like Fox Sparrows, but do also get on the feeder (unlike Fox Sparrows) and when doing so, don't share the space with Towhees or Juncos. I've had them here for at least a week.
  12. Sundance

    Mystery Ground Feeders

    Wow. Always had countless Spotted Towhees but haven't seen these little ones at our ground feeders before. They are feeding on their own and the three others are smaller.
  13. I have about 5 of these hanging around the shadows of my ground feeders, chasing the Towhees and Juncos off. Not a match for cowbirds and haven't seen these at my feeders before. Can't ID them from my bird guides. Location is Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, within a heavily forested neighborhood. Thanks.
  14. Sundance

    Which Dark-headed Gull is it?

    Thanks all and here's a shot of it on shore.
  15. Seen on the calm waters of western Puget Sound in April. Which gull is it, and why? Thanks!