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  1. Blackbirds

    Not sure if this helps but I believe this shot is when they first flew over me.
  2. Blackbirds

    Mid-michigan today. Same flock in all the photos. Maybe grackle or rusties? Thanks.
  3. Sharpie?

    Mid-Michigan. Same bird in all the pictures. Thanks.
  4. Mid-Michigan today. Are these Greater White-fronted in the center with the black barring and white line? Thanks.
  5. Mid-Michigan today. Same bird in both. Thanks.
  6. Blackbird

    Mid-Michigan today. Thought it was a Red-winged Blackbird, but I don't see the red, so maybe a Common Grackle? Same bird in all the pictures. Thanks.
  7. Sparrow?

    Mid-Michigan today. Same bird in all the pictures. Thanks.
  8. May Michigan Audio

    Song #3 on the Audubon page for Magnolia Warbler sounds pretty close: http://www.audubon.org/field-guide/bird/magnolia-warbler
  9. May Michigan Audio

    Thanks! Chipping makes sense. Yea, I feel like I've heard the second one before...
  10. May Michigan Audio

    Winter seems to have frozen all the birdsong knowledge out of my brain. Thanks. 1. Starts at 6 second mark: May Michigan #1.m4a 2. Starts at 2 second mark (after Cardinal?): May Michigan #2.m4a
  11. Tuft Titmouse audio?

    Okay, so the lower sounding whistle at the end of the Titmouse call is from a Blue Jay?
  12. I think there's a cardinal singing, but what is the call at 4 seconds and 11 seconds? Thanks.
  13. Michigan in February. Are the repeating whistles starting at the 4 second mark a Tufted Titmouse? Also, not sure if attaching the file is the best way to post audio on here. Thanks. February 2018.m4a
  14. Scaup Fun Times

    Thanks for confirming.
  15. Scaup Fun Times

    Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. 1. Greater Scaup? Same bird in both photos. 2. Both Greater as well? Same two in both photos.