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  1. Sharp-shinned?

  2. Sharp-shinned?

    Happy new year everybody! Mid-Michigan today. Same bird in both, more blurry photos if necessary. Thanks.
  3. Common Redpoll

  4. Common Redpoll

    Pretty confident, but wanted to be sure for a lifer. Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  5. Mallard?

    Thanks all.
  6. Mallard?

    I thought they were Mallard too until I looked at the pictures and saw the dark bill. Maybe just lighting?
  7. Mallard?

    Is the hen a Mallard? Mid-Michigan today. Thanks.
  8. Michigan Tanager in December?

    Dow Gardens in Midland, MI. It was refound this afternoon, but I'm not sure if it was found in the initial area.
  9. Michigan Tanager in December?

    Thanks! Had no idea what it was, just that it was different. Thank goodness for cameras.
  10. Today in Mid-Michigan. Not sure what this is, but doesn't really match any bird I typically see here in winter...thanks.
  11. Accipiter

  12. Accipiter

    Same bird. Mid-michigan today. Thanks.
  13. Eagles & Accip

    Okay thanks.
  14. Eagles & Accip

    Mid-Michigan today. Thanks. Bald Eagle? Sharp-shinned? (same bird in all three) Bald Eagle again? (same bird in the next two)
  15. Ducks & Gull

    Unfortunately, these were already heavily cropped. Here's one a little brighter on the ducks. I thought they were American Black Ducks.