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  1. DSC_8864_edited-1 by TAMARX2011, on Flickr
  2. Creeker, the photo was taken yesterday, 1-30-2017.
  3. Thank you.... beautiful birds...
  4. DSC_8812_edited-1 by TAMARX2011, on Flickr
  5. DSC_8772_edited-1 by TAMARX2011, on Flickr
  6. Thank you.....I kinda thought that would might be the case.
  7. Thank you, S.C.
  8. thank you
  9. DSC_8794_edited-1 by TAMARX2011, on Flickr
  10. what differentiates a thistle feeder from regular feeders?
  11. Thank you all. Cooper it is. Sorry, I didn't get a full shot...
  12. DSC_8772_edited-1 by TAMARX2011, on Flickr
  13. is the first one I have seen. I live is SW PA....Thank you..
  14. A beautiful bird,,,but I am not sure what it is. DSC_8752_edited-1 by TAMARX2011, on Flickr
  15. Thank you...I had not seen them with their winter coat...They have pretty colors