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  1. Kansas shore bird

    Thanks to both of you!
  2. Kansas shore bird

    Shot on May 24 of this year at Quivira NWR in Kansas - I have a hard enough time trying to ID the ones on the SE coast, much less the ones that could have been in Kansas at this time of year. Thanks for your help!
  3. which thrush please

    Thanks everyone!
  4. which thrush please

    These were taken in the Moraine Park area of the Rocky Mountain NP on May 26 of this year. Thanks for any help!
  5. Tennessee Warbler?

    Thanks for the responses! Either one would be a new bird for me and both have been recently reported there on Ebird.
  6. Tennessee Warbler?

    Is this a Tennessee Warbler? It was shot a couple of days ago at Jackson Park in Hendersonville, NC. The park is a local hotspot for migrating birds - especially warblers. Thanks for any help!
  7. Rocky Mountain NP unknown

    Shot on May 31 in Moraine Park area - I've been trying to ID it as a sparrow, but not having any luck. Thanks for your continued help!
  8. Colorado sparrows?

    Thanks for the quick responses! That would be good news since I didn't have either bird.
  9. Colorado sparrows?

    My wife and I recently got back from 4 weeks camping in and around the Rocky Mountain NP. We picked up quite a few new birds that we have been able to ID, but have several that I need help with. These 2 birds were shot close to each other on May 26 along the first part of the Cub Lake Trail which passes along the edge of a wooded area and field. Thank you!
  10. Kansas sandpiper

    Because I already had Sanderling on my bird list? Seriously tho, thanks for the additional input from everyone!
  11. Flycatcher in Kansas help

  12. Mink and Rabbit

    My wife and I decided to stop in Kansas on our way to Colorado for a couple of days to try and pick up some new birds. I ended up with 21 new ones We also spotted a long-tailed weasel and a mink dragging away Little Bunny Foo Foo.
  13. Flycatcher in Kansas help

    No it didn't. I only got this one shot off from a distance before it flew off.
  14. Flycatcher in Kansas help

    shot on May 24 at Quivira NWR - is this a Willow Flycatcher?
  15. Kansas sandpiper

    thank you for the detailed response!